Williams and Riordan Discuss Reprimand : LAPD: Chief says he gave his explanation. The mayor reportedly will review the Police Commission's action and announce a decision Monday.


As pressure for a resolution mounted, Mayor Richard Riordan and Police Chief Willie L. Williams met privately Wednesday to talk about the Police Commission's recent reprimand of the chief.

Emerging from the two-hour session in the mayor's office, Williams told reporters he "had a chance to give an explanation, and you see we took our time. It's in the mayor's hands now."

Riordan has until Monday to review the commission's action, which sources said was a unanimous decision to reprimand the chief for allegedly lying about receiving free hotel accommodations in Las Vegas. Williams has blamed a misunderstanding and threatened to sue. His supporters have said leaks about the commission's confidential findings are part of a campaign to undermine the city's first black police chief.

Councilman Marvin Braude, head of the Public Safety Committee and a Williams supporter, acknowledged Wednesday that he has been trying to help resolve the politically sensitive matter.

"I'm trying to achieve something," Braude said, but he declined to comment on rumors swirling around City Hall on Wednesday that a deal was in the works. Braude said only that he had talked with Riordan and that "the mayor listened, but did not opine."

The councilman said "things have been moving faster and faster" but added that he was not optimistic about prospects for a speedy resolution that would be acceptable to all concerned.

Riordan's office said the mayor intends to take the weekend to complete his review and does not expect to announce his decision until Monday afternoon.

Also Wednesday, the City Council directed the city attorney to investigate published reports that Williams' Las Vegas activities had been the subject of an unauthorized probe by department intelligence officers.

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