Paper This

"Mad About Martha: The Fabulous Paper Doll Book" (Cader Books, 1996) is just the latest in a paper doll trail that has included Bill and Al, the Supremes (as in the justices of the high court), and John and Abe (as in the presidents of the U.S.). Among the available dolls:

* "The Supreme Court: A Paper Doll Book," by Andy Mayer (St. Martin's Press, 1993).

* "Bill & Al's Excellent Adventure," by Jim Becker and Andy Mayer (St. Martin's Press, 1993). Reissued in 1996.

* "Bill Clinton & His Family Paper Dolls" (1994); "Lincoln's Springfield Home" (1991); "Abraham Lincoln and His Family" (1989); "Greta Garbo: Paper Dolls in Full Color" (1985); "John F. Kennedy and His Family" (1981), and "The Glamour Movie Stars of the Thirties" (1981), all published by Dover Publications and written by Tom Tierney.

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