3 acres burn in Griffith Park blaze

Times Staff Writer

A small brush fire burned three acres in Griffith Park before being brought under control late Monday afternoon.

The fire, the second in the park in eight days, was reported about 2:30 p.m. It burned in the northeast corner of the park near Mineral Wells Trail for about 80 minutes. No injuries or property damage was reported, and the cause was still under investigation, authorities said.

More than 150 firefighters from five local fire agencies helped fight the blaze, and helicopters doused it with water.


“Nearly all of the 4,200-acre park is covered with chaparral and landscape that can become volatile,” said city of Los Angeles Fire Spokesman Brian Humphrey.

Although he could not say whether evidence indicated that the fire had been set, Humphrey said that “arson has been a problem in Griffith Park since the park was dedicated, so you have to be vigilant.”

Los Angeles Zoo officials monitored the fire but did not have to relocate any animals.