Aaron Carter hospitalized as mother steps in to care for him


Aaron Carter has arrived in his home state of Florida to be taken care of by his “momma,” Jane, just days after he said he was driving out there to take care of her.

The singer and former child star posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed Thursday on Instagram with the caption, “Mommas gonna take care of you.” In another post he said Jane was back as his manager.

Carter arrived at his mom’s home Thursday, and she was immediately alarmed by how much weight her son had dropped, TMZ reported. Jane said Aaron was around 115 pounds, down from 160. Hospitalization followed. TMZ said Carter was undergoing tests.


Around the same time as the singer’s Instagram posts, a note appeared on his Twitter feed that read, “I’m handlin socials for my son till he recoverers... -mamma jane.” But that takeover didn’t stick: Aaron was apparently back at the keyboard later that night and early Friday, lashing out at people who criticized him and his mother.

The former child star’s weight has been this low before. In late 2017, he spent “a few weeks” in a facility focusing on himself and his health, his then-publicist told People, and brought his body from a low of 115 pounds up to 145.

This time, he’s reportedly been stressed out by restraining orders taken out against him in September by brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and one of his sisters, Angel, who recently had a child. His siblings allege their brother is having a mental health crisis and has made threatening statements. Aaron Carter has denied saying what he’s accused of.

His mental health has been discussed a lot, but Carter told The Times in September that he had not been diagnosed officially with anything.

His social media feeds, however, show signs of heightened stress.

Last month, Carter praised his mom via social media when she notched 40 days of sobriety after he arranged her alcohol treatment through his appearance on “The Doctors.” On Nov. 2, he posted a video from Jane in which she said she was back home and thanked him for his help.


Amid an ongoing feud with his brother, singer Aaron Carter calls out haters on social media after debuting a massive tattoo on his face.

Sept. 30, 2019

But less than a week ago, he tweeted, “I’m driving to Florida to pick my mom up and her stuff. Just as I thought she has relapsed. I’m driving my pickup truck to get her stuff and move her out with me and get her back into treatment. I love my mother and no one is going to tear her apart. They’re targeting my mom.”