What’s on TV This Week: July 4th celebrations, ‘SharkFest,’ ‘Black Widow’ and more

Fireworks burst in the air above the Washington, D.C., skyline
Fireworks will be part of the show in the annual Independence Day celebration “A Capitol Fourth” on KOCE.
(Capital Concerts)


The new animated series “We the People” offers short lessons in civics set to songs by Janelle Monáe, H.E.R., Brandi Carlile, Lin-Manuel Miranda, et al. So kinda like “Schoolhouse Rock!” (kids, ask your parents). Anytime, Netflix

Happy birthday, America! You don’t look a day over 245. Coldplay, OneRepublic and Reba McEntire help celebrate the occasion in “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.” 8 p.m. NBC

Gladys Knight and Jimmy Buffett must’ve missed that midnight train to Margaritaville, because both stars will perform as part of the annual special “A Capitol Fourth.” 8 and 9:30 p.m. KOCE

They’ll be celebrating Independence Day down San Diego way in the specials “Big Bay Boom Spectacular” and “Big Bay Boom Fireworks.” 8:30 and 9 p.m. KTLA

Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, et al., give props to a trailblazing African American comic and activist in the 2021 doc “The One and Only Dick Gregory.” 9 p.m. Showtime

Kevin Hart advocates for the right to disagree and argues that intent matters. ‘There’s an assumption it’s always bad,’ he says in a new interview.

June 14, 2021



A grieving mother plays a cat-and-mouse game with the man she believes killed her young son in the six-part thriller “The Beast Must Die.” Cush Jumbo and Jared Harris star. Anytime, AMC+ (premieres July 12 on AMC)

The aforementioned Kevin Hart gifts his personal trainer with a home renovation on a new “Celebrity IOU.” 9 p.m. HGTV

Thor himself helps kick off Nat Geo’s SharkFest 2021 with the special “Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth.” 9 p.m. National Geographic

Statues of limitation: “The Daily Show’s” C.J. Hunt calls attention to the ongoing controversy over Confederate monuments in the documentary “The Neutral Ground” on the season premiere of “POV.” 9:30 p.m. KOCE


“I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson.” Or maybe stick around and watch new episodes of the former “SNL” writer’s star-studded sketch show. Anytime, Netflix

“The Latino Experience” in the United States and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is chronicled in this three-part series of 13 short dramas and documentaries. 9 p.m. KOCE

In the inaugural Latinx Files newsletter, we discuss the choice of the name and take a closer look at the Mexican American vote in Texas and the Cuban American vote in Florida.

Nov. 12, 2020


“Cat People” is neither a remake of the 1942 thriller starring Simone Simon nor the 1982 thriller starring Nastassja Kinski but rather a new docuseries about kitties and the people who love them. Anytime, Netflix


Meanwhile, the canine-centric docuseries “Dogs” is back for a second season. Anytime, Netflix

Mike and Sulley, in the house! Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their voice roles from the 2001 Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.” in the spinoff series “Monsters at Work.” Anytime, Disney+

He had won the victory over himself. He loved “Big Brother.” The reality series returns for a 23rd cycle. Julie Chen continues to host. 8 p.m. CBS

“Love Island” is back for a third season and takes place in an actual tropical setting — the Hawaiian islands — and not a Las Vegas resort like in Season 2. With host Arielle Vandenberg. 9:30 p.m. CBS

If a chef comes a knockin’, he’ll want to know what you’re stockin’ your pantry with in a second season of “Kitchen Crash.” 10 p.m. Food Network


XOXO, “Gossip Girl.” The 2007-12 drama about privileged teens at a tony prep school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side gets a Gen Z reboot. Anytime, HBO Max

I thought I remembered why I didn’t get cast in “Gossip Girl.” But the truth was much more complicated.

March 17, 2021

Alice doesn’t live here anymore: “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is a new animated series based on the same video games that inspired the action-horror franchise that starred Milla Jovovich. Anytime, Netflix

A mother (Andi Matichak) tries to keep her child from the clutches of the same creepy cult she herself escaped years earlier in the 2021 horror thriller “Son.” Anytime, Shudder

The bling’s the thing in “Ice Cold,” a four-part series about the significance of flashy jewelry in the world of hip-hop. With Slick Rick, French Montana, Talib Kweli, et al. 9 a.m. Migos YouTube Channel

11 young competitors strive to be letter-perfect in the finals of the “Scripps National Spelling Bee.” From Orlando, Fla. 5 p.m. ESPN2

Pro basketball’s top two teams hold court in Game 1 of the “2021 NBA Finals.” 6 p.m. ABC

Zoey (Yara Shahidi) and her college pals cut loose south of the border, down Mexico way, in the Season 4 premiere of “Grown-ish.” 8 p.m. Freeform

Country music’s Kelsea Ballerini will be pickin’ and grinnin’ for yer listenin’ pleasure on a new installment of “CMT Campfire Sessions.” 9 p.m. CMT

A long time ago, in a backyard not that far away … “Backyard Bar Wars.” It’s neighbor versus neighbor to see who can create the most chill outdoor space in this new competition series. 10:30 p.m. truTV


Say goodbye to Sam and his fam as the autism-themed comedy-drama “Atypical” returns for its fourth and final season. With Keir Gilchrist and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Anytime, Netflix

Crime pays: The 2008-12 cable drama “Leverage” begets a streaming spinoff, “Leverage: Redemption.” With Noah Wyle and Aldis Hodge. Anytime, IMDb TV

“The Avengers’” Scarlett Johansson suits up for her very own Marvel movie, the 2021 action thriller “Black Widow.” With Rachel Weisz, David Harbour and Florence Pugh. Anytime, Disney+ Premier Access (additional fee required)

From ‘Black Widow’ to ‘F9’: Big movies are headed to theaters and your home this summer.

May 21, 2021

The terror continues in “Fear Street Part 2: 1978,” the second installment in a trilogy of interconnected tales based on the writings of “Goosebumps” author R.L. Stine. Anytime, Netflix

Absolute power corrupts — absolutely! — in the satirical docuseries “How to Become a Tyrant” narrated by “Game of Thrones’” Peter Dinklage. Anytime, Netflix

Return to “Virgin River” for a third season of this romantic drama set in a small Northern California town. With Alexandra Breckenridge. Anytime, Netflix

SpongeBob’s BFF takes his turn into the spotlight in the animated spinoff “The Patrick Star Show.” 7 p.m. Nickelodeon

The new reality series “Secret Celebrity Renovation” is kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU,” except that … um … yeah, it’s basically the same show. 8 p.m. CBS

Grammy winner Gloria Estefan is flying down to Rio — and Salvador and São Paulo — to explore the roots of Brazilian music on a new “Great Performances.” 9 p.m. KOCE


“The Avengers’” Anthony Mackie suits up to host “The 2021 ESPYs.” Nominees in the various categories include gymnast Simone Biles, tennis star Naomi Osaka and your Los Angeles Dodgers. 8 p.m. ABC

The lady doth protest too much, he thinks, in the TV movie “Framed by My Husband.” With Christine Chatelain. 8 p.m. Lifetime

Calendar, schmalendar! Bundle up and then buckle up for the holiday romance “Crashing Through the Snow.” With Amy Acker. 9 p.m. Hallmark Channel

The sins of the father are visited upon the son in the MMA-themed 2020 drama “Embattled.” With Stephen Dorff. 9 p.m. Showtime

The TV movie “The Stranger She Brought Home” is kinda like that Sandra Bullock film “While You Were Sleeping” … that is, if Bill Pullman’s comatose character had been a homicidal maniac. 10 p.m. Lifetime