2018 summer movie sneaks

Kenneth Turan and Justin Chang chat about the upcoming summer movies.
They bring the action and the charm, but who makes the franchise — the stars or the characters?

Do A-listers still carry movies to box office success? Or is it the franchise that matters more? "Deadpool 2" and "Jurassic World" will be huge, but would they be just as big with different actors in the lead? Would any other Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt movie do as well?

Every single movie coming out this summer

Summer movies preview.

A look at women directors at the summer box office the year after Patty Jenkins' 'Wonder Woman'

A year after Patty Jenkins broke records with "Wonder Woman," only two of this summer's major films have a female director.

Summer movie survey: Four indie debuts worth watching out for

Four notable debut features from the Sundance Film Festival — 'Hereditary,' 'Blindspotting,' 'Sorry to Bother You' and 'Searching' — all come to theaters this summer.

Director X brings blaxploitation classic 'Super Fly' into 2018

Acclaimed music video veteran Director X brings "Superfly" into 2018 with Trevor Jackson as the titular drug dealer.

After 14 long years, 'Incredibles 2' picks up with its family of suburban superheroes

Fourteen years after the original Pixar hit, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and the rest of their superhero family are back in the highly anticipated summer sequel "Incredibles 2."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Fred Rogers documentaries hail soft voices behind powerful messages

"RBG" and "Won't You Be My Neighbor" — two upcoming documentaries about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mr. Rogers, respectively — spotlight public figures who through quiet determination helped change society in big and little ways.

With 'Ocean's 8' and 'Crazy Rich Asians,' Awkwafina is the summer's comedy secret weapon

Hollywood's latest comedy discovery is rapper-actor Awkwafina, a.k.a. Nora Lum, who stars in summer's "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Ocean's 8."

'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' and 'Book Club' cater to audiences usually neglected during the summer

Hollywood's biggest summer box office players usually target young men, but "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" and "Book Club" are banking on other demos.

'Jurassic World 2' creature designer Neal Scanlan takes us on a dinosaur tour

Neal Scanlan is the man behind everything from the scariest dinosaurs in "Jurassic World" to the craziest creatures in the recent "Star Wars" movies.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge takes a walk on the droid side in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has made a name for herself in British television, and now she's joining the "Star Wars" universe — as a droid.

Overrated/Underrated, Summer sneaks: 'Infinity War' without end, and two reasons to see 'Deadpool 2'

What's up and what's down headed into blockbuster season includes Rob Delaney and Zazie Beetz in "Deadpool 2," the poor taste of "Slender Man" and "Sorry to Bother You."

Critics' Picks: 10 films to see this summer

Los Angeles Times film critics Kenneth Turan and Justin Chang share some of their summer movie picks.

7 sci-fi films to see this summer

A list of all the science fiction titles coming out this summer.

Kids welcome: 7 family-friendly movies to see this summer

A list of all the family movies coming out this summer.

Chills and thrills: 7 scary movies to see this summer

A list of all the horror films hitting theaters this summer.