Newsletter: Today: Badger State Brawl. Blackout Warning.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today.


Badger State Brawl

As most polls predicted, Ted Cruz topped Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary. And as, well, anyone could have predicted, a war of words ensued. Cruz declared his victory a turning point: “It is a rallying cry,” he said. Trump’s written response called Cruz “a Trojan horse” and, yes, much more. Read on to see what it really means for the delegate count at the GOP convention.


Bern It to the Ground

Score one more for the Wisconsin pollsters: Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton, setting the stage for a brawl ahead of the New York primary. “I know they keep saying he doesn’t have a chance, but I think he still has a chance,” said one voter in Milwaukee. Here’s how the battle is shaping up.

More on the Campaign

-- County-by-county results in Wisconsin.

-- California prepares for a surge of voter turnout on June 7.

-- Additional insight in our Essential Politics newsletter.

Turn Your Lights Down Low

The natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon may be plugged, but its effects continue. State officials are warning that Southern California could face up to two weeks of rolling blackouts this summer because electricity plants won’t have enough gas to generate power. Conserving electricity could help stave off such blackouts, but if summer is anything like the weather we’ve had this week, good luck with that.

The Undersheriff’s Day in Court

As the No. 2 official in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department until his retirement in 2013, Paul Tanaka had a reputation for being a demanding leader. For the last two weeks in a federal courtroom, his attorneys have said that he was unaware of what others around him were doing. Now a jury will decide his fate on criminal charges that he impeded an FBI investigation into abuse in the jails. Here’s how both sides argued the case.

Decoding the ‘Panama Papers’

It started with a message to a German newspaper in early 2015: “Hello. This is John Doe. Interested in data?” What followed was a leak of millions of documents, dubbed the “Panama Papers,” that detailed how global leaders and public figures hid wealth in offshore tax havens. Read on to see how journalists sifted through massive amounts of information that has already prompted the prime minister of Iceland to step down and promises to keep raising questions.


-- State lawmakers propose a new oral swab field test for drivers high on pot.

-- Steve Lopez: A tenacious change agent makes improving L.A. Unified his mission.

-- Some Runyon Canyon Park users are furious over a plan for a corporate-branded basketball court.

-- Police say a man accused of killing his gay son is also suspected of fatally stabbing his wife.


-- Senators offer praise but no vote for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

-- Mississippi’s governor signed a bill into law that allows businesses to refuse service to gay couples.

-- Church, meet state: Tennessee’s Legislature passes a bill to make the Bible its official state book.

-- Executions surged in 2015: Which countries put the most people to death?

-- Losing a partner can literally break your heart, according to a new study.


-- A judge has dismissed one wrongful-death suit against Porsche in the crash that killed actor Paul Walker.

-- Mary McNamara: “American Idol” was a game-changer in television and beyond.

-- Joyce Carol Oates on memory and personality.

-- Inside the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.

-- Don’t call Amy Schumer plus size: “These labels are unnecessary.”


-- Why Disney might have to go outside the Mouse House for a new CEO.

-- New tax-inversion rules derail the proposed $150-billion Allergan-Pfizer merger.

-- Twitter has won the exclusive rights to live-stream 10 NFL Thursday night games.


-- Connecticut defeated Syracuse, 82-51, for its fourth straight NCAA title in women’s basketball.

-- How much does your baseball team cost? Compare team salaries by position here.

-- Olympians Greg Louganis and Janet Evans finally make the Wheaties box.


-- How special effects can give actors a virtual face-lift or makeover in the movies. (Vulture)

-- “The cat’s out of the bag”: A conversation with Panama’s offshore lawyers. (Bloomberg)

-- A visit to a lost ancient city in the jungle of Cambodia. (Smithsonian)


Remember the sea lion pup who wandered into a La Jolla restaurant and was found napping in a booth with an ocean view? After two months of rehab, Marina is ready to go back to the ocean — 25 pounds heavier and, no doubt, well rested.

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