L.A. Coliseum scandal

L.A. Coliseum scandal

The Times has been reporting on financial irregularities at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, stories that have triggered several criminal and civil inquiries. Three former Coliseum managers, two nationally prominent rave promoters and a stadium contractor have been indicted in the scandal. Commission members | Documents | Arrest photos

Former L.A. Coliseum executive sentenced to jail in corruption case

The Coliseum case is the latest embarrassment for D.A.'s corruption unit

The alleged bribes and kickbacks that prosecutors said flowed like honey between government officials at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and people who did

What last weekend's rave looked like to ER doctors

The pace is rarely slow at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center during weekends.

L.A. County takes a step toward moratorium on electronic dance music events

The two women who collapsed and died from suspected drug overdoses at the Hard Summer music festival last weekend were among nearly 30 people taken from the Los

L.A. county supervisors vote to study a ban on raves after latest deaths

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to study a ban on raves at county facilities after two women collapsed from suspected

Death of two women at Hard Summer rave rekindles festival drug concerns

The suspected overdose deaths of two young women who collapsed at the Hard Summer music festival at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds sparked new debate about

UC Irvine grad fatally overdosed on Ecstasy at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

A 24-year-old San Francisco man who died while attending the Electric Daisy Carnival rave in Las Vegas had ingested a fatal dose of the drug Ecstasy,

San Francisco man, 24, dies at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

A 24-year-old man from San Francisco died while attending the Electric Daisy Carnival rave in Las Vegas, the coroner said Wednesday.

Trial delayed in L.A. Coliseum corruption case

A judge on Wednesday pushed back the trial start date in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum corruption case until next year.

Judge refuses to dismiss charges in L.A. Coliseum corruption case

A Los Angeles County judge on Monday rejected defense requests to dismiss charges in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum corruption scandal but criticized the district

Lead prosecutor removed from L.A. Coliseum corruption case

Responding to defense allegations of "outrageous prosecutorial misconduct," the Los Angeles County district attorney's office has removed the prosecutor who had

22-year-old dies after collapsing at Beyond Wonderland rave

A 22-year-old man who attended the Beyond Wonderland rave in San Bernardino County died after collapsing at the event, authorities said.

Appeals court restores parts of lawsuit in Coliseum corruption scandal

A California appellate court has reinstated key parts of a government lawsuit that seeks millions of dollars in damages from two rave concert promoters and

Coroner: Ecstasy caused Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas death

Montgomery Tsang's death at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas ruled an accidental overdose by Clark County coroner.

Insomniac won't hold March rave in Southern California

L.A. councilman says Jerry Brown failed taxpayers on Coliseum deal

Bernard C. Parks says the governor ignored a letter from him last June asking him to block the lease deal negotiated in secrecy.

Coliseum incurred big expense in trying to keep USC lease talks secret

The Coliseum Commission is ordered to pay $415,000 to The Times and a 1st Amendment group for legal costs from winning the release of emails regarding the deal with USC.

San Bernardino County officials plan probe of death at rave

A 22-year-old was the third person since 2006 to die of a drug overdose after attending a concert in the area staged by Insomniac Inc.

Man's Ecstasy overdose adds to death toll at rave concerts

The 22-year-old's death is the third since 2006 involving Ecstasy at raves staged in San Bernardino County by promoter Insomniac.

Student is 3rd rave drug fatality in San Bernardino County since 2006

Former accounting firm settles claims over Coliseum audits

SingerLewak will pay $800,000 to the Coliseum commission in exchange for both parties dropping suits over charges that the company failed to detect alleged fraud.

Judge orders L.A. Coliseum documents released in secrecy lawsuit

A judge has ordered the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission to release documents it has withheld from the Los Angeles Times for as long as 20 months.

Head of Coliseum Commission testified falsely, judge rules

Judge says John Sandbrook testified falsely as part of the agency's efforts to thwart public scrutiny of USC lease negotiations.

Judge says Coliseum panel apparently violated open-meeting law

He says the Coliseum Commission apparently violated the state's Brown Act during deliberations on USC's lease of the stadium.

Judge throws out embezzlement counts in Coliseum corruption case

The three defendants in the Coliseum corruption case still must stand trial on related charges of bribery and conspiracy.

Judge refuses demand for The Times to surrender emails

Judge backs L.A. Times in Coliseum email dispute

Judge refuses to grant an order demanding the paper surrender emails about commission's efforts to give USC control of Coliseum.

California Science Center grants control of Coliseum to USC

Five of eight board members approve the agreement. USC will gain nearly all of the Coliseum's revenue for the next century.

Judge throws out civil complaints in Coliseum case

USC to take over L.A. Coliseum, Sports Arena on Monday

State board OKs USC control of Coliseum and its revenues

USC will gain control of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and nearly all revenues from it under a deal approved Tuesday by a state board.

USC deal could sap Science Center parking revenue, trustees say

A revised lease that allows USC to run the Coliseum would give the university control of museum parking for major Coliseum events, they say.

Coliseum lease to USC unlikely to show paper profit, experts say

In the 98-year lease, USC promises to pay for renovations and give the government a portion of its net gain. But the profit is not guaranteed.

USC-Coliseum deal robs museums of parking and money, critics say

Coliseum negotiations kept confidential, stadium official says

Government overseers entered into a secrecy agreement requested by USC on negotiations to surrender control of the venue to the university, stadium general manager testifies.

Museums block Coliseum parking plan

A vote is delayed on giving control to USC, a move that institutions say would cut attendance and divert millions in parking revenue.

Science center postpones vote on USC-Coliseum parking deal

The California Science Center board of directors put off a vote that could have surrendered museum parking to USC.

Coliseum chief says he can't recall details on record requests

Governor asked to halt pending lease of Coliseum to USC

A trustee of the California Science Center foundation says loss of parking revenue would cut deeply into museum educational programs.

Museum trustee says legal action possible in USC parking deal

A California Science Center trustee says his organization is considering legal action to block a deal that would give control of the museum's parking to USC.

Coliseum deal: USC to cash in on turnover

Under the Coliseum lease deal, USC gets the historic stadium's lucrative assets. But taxpayers receive few benefits.

USC-Coliseum deal could cripple 3 public museums, critics say

Opposition mounts to plan to give Science Center parking to USC

30 sent to hospitals in rave sponsored by L.A.-based Insomniac

New York rave canceled after two deaths, apparently overdoses

The last day of the Electric Zoo, a large rave in New York City, was canceled Sunday after two attendees died, apparently from Ecstasy overdoses.

Giving Science Center parking to USC could hurt museum, some say

L.A. Times couldn't be barred from reporting on testimony, judge rules

A judge rules that the L.A. Times could not be stopped from reporting on testimony from the top manager of the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in a deposition for a lawsuit.

Coliseum hid reports of financial woes, records show

The reports confirm financial irregularities, an official's use of a personal Visa card to gain travel points and questionable reimbursements.

Coliseum manager walks out during deposition

John Sandbrook objected to the presence of two Times reporters during a deposition in an open-government lawsuit filed by The Times and a 1st Amendment group.

State should not lease museum parking lots to USC, developer says

Steve Soboroff says a deal that would give the university control of parking lots used by Exposition Park museums could be 'the end of the museums.'

L.A. rave promoter moving concert to Devore

The shift of Beyond Wonderland from San Bernardino brings criticism from new venue's neighbors.

A fatal toll on concertgoers as raves boost cities' income

Struggling local governments welcome large music events staged by L.A.-based promoters, but reports reveal a tragic pattern of drug overdoses.

Coliseum panel misses $500,000 rental payment to state

The Coliseum is in deep financial difficulty, having lost $10.6 million in the last three years. Officials said that they may not have enough money to pay employees by the end of March.

Legislature's black caucus objects to parts of USC-Coliseum deal

All nine black caucus members favor having USC manage the Coliseum but object to including nearby parking lots they want to be turned into parks.

Details behind Yaroslavsky's 2004 Super Bowl tickets in dispute

The L.A. County supervisor used his position on a Coliseum panel to score tickets to the game. Whether he paid for them and who provided them is in question.

No evidence Coliseum chief illegally sought USC job, agency says

The state Fair Political Practices Commission had been checking a tip that John Sandbrook violated a conflict-of-interest law.

Coliseum faces millions in losses

Fugitive in Coliseum corruption case says he was whistle-blower

Former Coliseum contractor Tony Estrada, who has been charged with embezzlement and conspiracy, says he told his superiors about wrongdoing for years.

President of L.A. Coliseum Commission resigns abruptly

David Israel says he quit as president of the Coliseum Commission because his work on a deal to grant USC control of the stadium was complete.

Family of girl, 15, who overdosed at Coliseum rave to get payment

Sasha Rodriguez's family will receive a $190,000 settlement on behalf of the stadium, the rave promoter and an ex-Coliseum manager.

Porn company had permit to film at Coliseum

The permit did not state the movie was pornographic; the stadium's governing panel did not approve the production. Group sex was filmed on the field.

Porn video shot on Coliseum grounds

It's unclear how the filmmaker got access to the taxpayer-owned stadium or permission to use its field lights.

Leaders of cash-strapped Coliseum complex claim luxury suite

The taxpayer-owned site is in financial ruins, but four commissioners took their perks, including taking over a catered area in the Sports Arena, offering them prime views of Bruce Springsteen singing about blue-collar struggles.

Panel OKs Coliseum lease deal

Parks seeks to halt vote on Coliseum deal with USC

The city councilman also urges the D.A.’s office to investigate the stadium general manager for possible conflict of interest in seeking a job with USC while negotiating lease.

State political watchdog is investigating L.A. Coliseum chief

California's Fair Political Practices Commission is trying to determine whether John Sandbrook illegally sought a job with USC while negotiating a turnover of control of the stadium to the university.

State may delay USC deal on Los Angeles Coliseum

Officials seek more time to ensure that the proposal is the most beneficial to taxpayers. The action comes as the Coliseum Commission announces losses of more than $7 million since 2009.

Former Coliseum official invokes 5th Amendment to grand jury

The facility's former finance director, Ronald Lederkramer, answers questions only after a judge grants him limited immunity, according to transcripts of the proceedings.

Hot Property: Coliseum corruption case defendant sells house

Todd DeStefano's Pasadena property sold for $1.92 million.

Coliseum unveils proposed lease with USC

The Coliseum would surrender public control of the historic stadium to the university, according to the proposed 42-year lease.

L.A. Coliseum had scant controls over spending, audit finds

Coliseum panel again bars public from discussion of proposed USC deal

The commission also continues to keep the lease plan under wraps. A Coliseum official declines to tell the stadium's landlord why the turnover is in the works.

Coliseum Commission prepares to give USC control of stadium

The university would fund renovations and be responsible for staffing, day-to-day operations and event scheduling. Commissioners would have a limited oversight role and receive free tickets to USC games.

Figure in Coliseum corruption case is in 'jungles of Brazil'

Tony Estrada, a former Coliseum janitorial contractor who portrays himself as a whistle-blower treated badly, says he will not return to face charges.

Ex-Coliseum technology manager pleads not guilty in corruption probe

Leopold Caudillo Jr. allegedly directed more than $20,000 in stadium business to a firm he controlled.

Former Coliseum official pleads guilty to one count, avoids prison

Patrick T. Lynch must repay $385,000 he allegedly received in a kickback scheme, but nine other counts are dropped. A legal observer questions the deal, but the prosecutor touts the restitution.

One of six men indicted in Coliseum corruption scandal remains at large

Tony Estrada, a longtime janitorial contractor at the stadium, is accused of making $385,000 in illegal payments to a former Coliseum general manager.

Coliseum case widens; six are charged

Among those indicted in the corruption investigation are rave promoters and three ex-stadium managers.

Coliseum probe brings three arrests

Former longtime General Manager Patrick Lynch and former Events Manager Todd DeStefano, along with Go Ventures chief executive Reza Gerami, are arrested in connection with a corruption scandal at one of the nation's most storied stadiums.

Coliseum Commission again meets behind closed doors on USC deal

The panel convenes privately for 2 1/2 hours, devoting part of the time to ongoing efforts to surrender control of the stadium to USC, and spends only 12 minutes in open session.

Coliseum panel's secret talks could jeopardize proposal on USC

California law allows closed meetings over finances, but much of the plan to turn the stadium over to USC involves other issues. That will leave any final deal open to legal challenges, an expert says.

L.A. Coliseum Commission officials cash in on unused sick leave

Executives use sick-day stash accumulated over up to 35 years to boost their public pension benefits and to receive lump-sum payments worth thousands.

Coliseum Commission takes heat over transparency, halts meeting

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission came under fire from state officials Wednesday for a lack of transparency, then was forced to cancel its monthly meeting halfway into the session after officials acknowledged the venue had failed to publicly post the agenda as required by law.

Coliseum officials made $1 million in cash payments to union

Longtime Coliseum finance director is off the payroll

Cash payments made at Coliseum raves to be probed