Letters to the Editor: Digital signs on our roads -- what could go wrong? (A lot)

Digital billboards are seen on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on Aug. 22.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: In the early 1990s, American Airlines erected huge electronic signs in a freeway median just outside Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, where it has a major hub. The signs listed gate information for arriving and departing flights. (“No, Los Angeles doesn’t need dozens of new digital billboards,” editorial, Feb. 6)

After enough collisions to finally alert the powers that be to the folly of this effort — along with a lawsuit — the signs were taken down a few years later.

Perhaps the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority needs to call airport officials in Dallas and get an earful of the problems they had before making a final decision on putting up billboard-sized digital signs around L.A.


Tom Lockhart, Long Beach


To the editor: Want to get a good idea of what L.A. would look like if Metro went ahead with this plan to put up digital signs all over Los Angeles? Watch the city scenes in the movie “Blade Runner.”

Luis Torres, Pasadena