Readers React: Santa Monica Airport’s spotless record on ground fatalities

To the editor: So, following a skillfully executed forced landing on a golf course — a contingency that pilots are trained to handle — Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin and others demand the “unsafe” airport from which this plane took off be closed. (“Harrison Ford’s plane crash could spur efforts to close Santa Monica Airport,” March 5)

How unsafe is Santa Monica Airport? Your article advises that since 1982 the number of deaths or injuries to the public has been zero. Not one.

The real wake-up call is to ask how cunning realtors illegally managed to hide the existence of a huge airport adjacent to the properties that the complainers freely bought. Did they pull a tarp over it?

Or do you buy a house and then close an airport to make a nice profit? And what do you do about the developments that will follow, the huge traffic increase that comes with them and the road deaths that inevitably result?


Steve Roberts, Toluca Lake

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