Readers React: Why the U.S. can never trust Hamas

To the editor: The killing of the three Israeli teenagers, which the Israeli government has accused Hamas of perpetrating, exemplifies the folly of U.S. policy in the Mideast. (“Israel in ‘deep grief’ as three teens laid to rest,” July 1)

When Fatah and Hamas agreed to form a so-called unity government, the United States was quick to support it, demonstrating further the wishful thinking in the Obama administration. Just because Hamas appeared to agree to form a joint government didn’t mean it would act in good faith in the future.

Hamas never has, and it didn’t give any indication that this time was any different.

By allegedly kidnapping and executing the three teenage boys, one of whom was also American, Hamas showed how much it respected U.S. support. And it showed how disreputable it can be.


Emanuel R. Baker, Los Angeles

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