Readers React: Frightened by boutique grocery stores and $5 coffee

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To the editor: Ann Friedman’s piece on the changing demographics in many Los Angeles neighborhoods, while somewhat tongue in cheek, resonates with me. (“When New York sends people to Los Angeles, they’re not sending their best,” Opinion, Feb. 15)

Presently existing at a major intersection in the Los Feliz-adjacent environs is a parcel hosting a Food 4 Less grocery store and not much else. Inevitably it will develop into a multi-use complex of housing on the upper levels and shops at ground level, none of which will be a budget grocery store upon which shoppers with their feet in two micro-economies rely. Access to lower-priced groceries that aid one in justifying that occasional splurge on Friedman’s $5 cup of coffee will no longer be an option.

I feel it in my bones, Ann Friedman from the Midwest.

Diane McDowell, Los Angeles


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