Readers React: Trump’s anti-Obamacare crusade is cruel and politically insane

Demonstrators protest Trump administration efforts to repeal Obamacare in Washington in 2017.
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To the editor: It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. I was reminded of that quote when witnessing President Trump throw the GOP into political jeopardy by restarting his “repeal Obamacare” crusade.

Despite the fact that the president’s first attempt to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was a political disaster, and that repealing Obamacare without a meaningful plan to replace it has become the new “third rail” of politics, Trump has put himself and the GOP back into the fight.

This effort by Trump is not only politically foolhardy, it’s also morally reprehensible, given the threat to American lives that could ensue from tearing away health insurance from many of them.

Matthew Singerman, Newbury Park



To the editor: I hurt. Two weeks ago I had a total hip replacement — big incision, metal joint, the whole nine yards. Though I’m diligently following the rehab plan, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I read about renewed efforts to gut healthcare in our nation.

My surgery, hospital stay, physical therapy, medication and so on were excellent and taken care of with a tiny co-pay. I can only imagine if I was forced to choose between a life of chronic unnecessary pain and the massive debt of medical intervention. I am so thankful for the fine medical staff and the collective healthcare system that accommodated my healing.

In our nation we have the methods and means to manage our health needs better than ever before. Let’s seize the opportunity to take care of each other.


Margaret Davis, La Verne

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