Readers React: The U.S. doesn’t have the moral standing to export democracy

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, center, arrives for a meeting with military leaders in Caracas on May 2.
(Jhonn Zerpa / Associated Press)

To the editor: The argument by the letter writer who stated, “If we are serious about expelling socialism from this hemisphere, we should restore democracy in Cuba,” was a stunning example of the hubris of those who purport that our “democracy” in the United States, which is rooted in capitalism, is the best system in the world.

Perhaps the writer should reflect on the state of our democracy here before he proposes to export a product that is not working well for most people.

First of all, we do not have a purely democratic system, but rather a republican system of government. Secondly, in a democracy, the majority rules, not a minority. Today, the powers of our ruling minority are directed toward obstructing democracy through voter suppression while ignoring the blatant takeover of the federal government by the executive branch.

Until we are able to get our own house in order, we should not be intervening anywhere in the world. Any “exporting” of our values should be through example and incentives, not military intervention.


Christine Rios, Murrieta

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