Chocolate ganache frosting

Time 20 minutes
Yields Makes about 6 cups, enough for 2 to 4 dozen cupcakes
Chocolate ganache frosting

In the bowl of a food processor, finely chop the chocolate (it should be almost powdery). Alternatively, melt the chocolate in a medium bowl set over a pot of simmering water.


Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, bring the cream to a simmer. Immediately remove from heat and combine with the chocolate: If using a food processor, pour the cream into the processor bowl while pulsing (the cream will melt the chocolate); alternatively, stir the cream together with the melted chocolate until the chocolate has melted. Add the vanilla.


Place the melted chocolate-cream mixture in a metal bowl set into an ice bath. Use a whisk to whip the mixture just until it thickens sufficiently to use as a frosting. Remove from the ice bath. Use immediately or store, covered, at room temperature for up to overnight.

Noelle Carter is the former Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen director. She left in January 2019.
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