Tangerine granita

Time10 minutes
YieldsServes four to six
Tangerine granita
(Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)
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The beauty of granita is that it doesn’t require a fancy ice cream or gelato machine. All you need is a shallow metal or glass baking pan and a fork. And some spectacular fruit.

A tangerine granita is refreshing and light. Serve it with cookies or even a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. (If the granita is too firm, let the container stand out at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.)

From the story: Granita, an easy frozen dessert that showcases fabulous fruit


Combine the juice and 2 tablespoons sugar, whisking until the sugar is dissolved. Taste and add additional sugar as desired; the mixture should be sweet (the sweetness will fade as the granita freezes). Pour into a shallow baking dish so the mixture comes up the sides approximately 1 inch. Freeze, checking occasionally to see when ice begins to form on the top and sides, after an hour or so, and begin scraping the ice crystals into the center of the pan with a fork. Continue to freeze, scraping occasionally, until there is no more liquid in the pan. Just before serving, fluff the crystals with a fork. Serve heaped into ice cream bowls or wine glasses.

If you are making a lemon granita, cut the lemon juice with water just as you would for lemonade.