A time to celebrate: Former Dorsey linebacker Jeremiah Allison graduates from law school

Former Dorsey and Washington State linebacker Jeremiah Allison graduated on Sunday from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Saint Paul, Minn.
(Jeremiah Allison)

Ten years ago, Jeremiah Allison was a sophomore linebacker at Dorsey High School. He was sitting in a classroom being interviewed by a sportswriter and said he wanted to become a lawyer. It was something his mother wanted, too. He had straight A’s. He was dedicated to his community. He loved his mother. He loved football. He was just different.

On Sunday, Allison fulfilled his dream by graduating from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Saint Paul, Minn.

There were so many obstacles in the way growing up in South Los Angeles. Seven days before his first collegiate football game for Washington State in 2012, his mother died. He hung tough, graduated and kept on the path he promised his mother.

In 2016, he wrote after graduating from Washington State, “I kissed her and shed a few tears on her shoulder. I said goodbye and
promised I’d get my degree. She so badly wanted that for me.”

On Sunday, he finished his promised journey to become a lawyer. Except the journey is really just beginning. Watch out, everyone. Jeremiah Allison, the lawyer, is coming back to town. Big days are ahead.