Former Sherman Oaks Notre Dame shotputter Nia Britt unveils children’s book

The cover of "BakersTown Chronicles."
“BakersTown Chronicles” is a children’s book from former Sherman Oaks Notre Dame shotputter Nia Britt, younger brother Colojeno and their father, Melvin
(Britt family)

Former Sherman Oaks Notre Dame shotputter Nia Britt used her love of working with children and passion for writing to create the first of what she hopes will be a series of children books. And it’s a family endeavor, with her 13-year-old brother, Coco, handling illustrations and her father, Melvin, helping as an author and illustrator.

“BakersTown Chronicles,” now available in paperback on Amazon, is the start of what she hopes will be a five-book series. She has been working on the story for years.

“We love sports and sports is part of the book,” she said. “And when I was younger, I got picked on and wanted to mention when kids bully you, you overcome that whether that be in sports or something else.”

The story revolves around Rex, a cookie business billionaire. He tries to outduel a couple of kids. “He turns them into cookies but they become cookies with superpowers,” Britt said.

Britt had plenty of time this last year to work on the book because she was sidelined after being hit by a car while riding a moped. And COVID-19 forced her senior year at Iowa to be canceled. She will return for a sixth year.


Her brother is a promising eighth-grade basketball point guard who loves to draw. If there’s four more books to deliver, they’ll all be busy.