Former Narbonne quarterback Jalen Chatman tests his entrepreneurial skills

Former Narbonne quarterback Jalen Chatman has opened his own clothing store in Gardena to sell his own clothing line.
(Jalen Chatman)

Jalen Chatman, the 2016 City Section player of the year as the quarterback for Narbonne High, has become an entrepreneur.

He created his own clothing brand and recently opened a store in Gardena. And he’s still playing college football.

“My brand has the mission to educate people on financial literacy,” he said.

His store also stocks other local brands and big-name brands.

His former coach, Manuel Douglas, is not surprised by Chatman’s motivation to become an entrepreneur.


“Jalen has always been gifted in a lot of ways,” he said. “He’s social, knew how to handle himself. He found a way to find a new path and has a knack for business.”

Chatman received a scholarship to Rutgers out of Narbonne, then transferred to Portland State.