High School Sports

Sports participation in California reaches record level; lacrosse makes gains

Loyola lacrosse
Loyola vs. Redondo lacrosse

High school sports participation in California reached an all-time high of 763,306 participants, according to an annual survey released by the CIF.

Of all the sports, lacrosse added the largest percentage increase (3.9%), adding 580 participants, 303 for girls and 277 for boys.

Cross country (1,234) and soccer (1,241) also increased participation.

Football leads the 10 boys’ sports with 103,464 participants. Track and field is second with 54,062, followed by soccer (48,564), basketball (44,097) and baseball (43,482).


For girls, track and field is first with 44,567 participants. Soccer is second with 43,820 and volleyball third at 40,751.

There are 1,540 CIF member schools that participated in the survey.





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