Clippers are dealing with more aches and pains


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J.J. Redick went down in the first quarter holding his left knee, which turned out to have sustained a bruise that required him to wear a black protective sleeve the rest of the game.

Darren Collison sat in his chair with ice on his left foot, trying to get the pain from a sprained left big toe to go away. Matt Barnes sat in his chair looking at his swollen left thumb. Barnes said the X-rays that were taken after the game were negative.

So there you have it, more injuries for the Clippers to deal with.


Redick had just missed six weeks recovering from a broken right wrist and torn ligaments on the side of that wrist.

Now he lay crumpled on the floor, the entire Clippers team walking over to make sure he was fine.

He was well enough to play 28 minutes 25 seconds. But he missed 13 of his 17 shots, all seven of his three-point attempts, and finished with eight points.

“It’s swollen and it’s black and blue now,” Redick said. “But it’s just the bone. I’ll ice it and I’m sure I’ll do some stuff with the training staff.”

Of the three injured, Collison, who is starting at point guard in place of Chris Paul (separation of his right shoulder), seemed to be the most seriously hurt.

Collison, who limped out of the locker room, said he was injured in the first quarter when “I came down wrong on a cut.”

“It hurts a lot,” said Collison, who had 10 points. “We’ll find out everything [Sunday] and see how it is. It was painful, but I wanted to play through it.”

Barnes at first said he was good.

Then he changed his tune.

“I think it’s just a bad sprain,” Barnes said.

Halfway mark

The Clippers just passed the halfway point of their 82-game regular-season schedule by one game, owning a 28-14 record.

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers was asked what grade he would give his team.

“I guess I’d give them a high grade, but I don’t even know,” Rivers said. “I don’t even know where we’re at in the West.”

The Clippers are the fourth-seeded team in the Western Conference.

“We want to be better than that, I guess,” Rivers said. “But I like our team. I like the way we’ve played through a lot of injuries and stuff. That’s why it’s tough to grade a team.

“We’ve been incomplete in a lot of ways, so we haven’t been complete as a group yet. Who knows how many games we’ve had with the lineup of starters and backups [in their respective places]? I don’t think we’ve had one — maybe one or two. But it hasn’t been a lot.”

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