Letters: It’s nervous time for Dodgers fans

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts walks off the field after pulling his starting pitcher during the second inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday.
(Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press)

It was only April 3, early in the 2018 season, but Kenley Jansen’s comment on a blown save continues to bother me, “Who cares? It’s one game” Kenley said at the time. Dodger fans care, that’s who.

Tim Muret


Dear Dave Roberts and Company,

Please win the NL West and save us from the latest edition of the omniscient Bill Plaschke’s autopsy of another Dodgers season. From his post mortem of the Darvish experiment to his criticism of the front office at the trade deadline, Bill seems to thrive on the the failure of the Dodgers. Give his track record of Dodger-bashing, one must ask the question: What will Bill Plaschke write about when the Boys in Blue finally win the World Series?

Rob Demonteverde


When did Dave Roberts start using the “Magic Eight Ball” to make his on field decisions?

Larry Weiner

Culver City


Charles Reilly’s suggestion last Saturday that all is well with good-guy Dave Roberts’ pitching decisions-changes (which are likely made in conjunction with the front office) misses the mark. Even if the Dodgers win the division for the sixth consecutive year, this is not good enough for most Dodger fans, who long for something more — a World Series championship.

Ken Feldman


The Dodgers have as much talent as any team in baseball, but are 22-22 in one-run games and are last in the league hitting with runners in scoring position. Add all the baserunning gaffes coupled with Roberts’ frequent mismanagement of his pitchers, and it’s unfortunately no surprise that L.A. might blow its lead. I hope to learn Sunday that I’m wrong.


Brian Gura

Redondo Beach

If the Dodgers don’t win the division, or make the playoffs, don’t go laying this at Dave Roberts’ feet. This is all on the front office and their insistence on quantity over quality, period! Because of this glut of players who can hit solo home runs the Dodgers are not able to field a starting lineup. They plug these guys in willy nilly according to someone’s idea of positive matchups. It’s like a whole team of utility players who don’t even play the same position day to day. This results in mediocre defense, and no semblance of offensive consistency.

Are you listening, Andrew Friedman? This isn’t your fantasy league!

Bruce Alan

Granada Hills

Stepping up to Mike

Having been a Angels fan my entire life, the championship season of 2002 was awesome. I lived through so many dismal and heartbreaking seasons that 2002 took away all of the pain many Angel fans felt for so long. Mike Scioscia did not have the greatest talent, but he was able to mold a group of 25 players and turn into one of the most exciting baseball playoffs in modern era. For that I say “Thank you, Mike,” because every spring training I say to myself will this be the season the Angels go to the World Series again.

Dean Connor


Mike DiGiovanna’s summary of Mike Scioscia bringing in Scott Schoeneweis instead of Troy Percival to face Jason Giambi and subsequently lose the 2002 playoff game was the first of hundreds of terrible pitching change decisions over his career and why the majority of the fan base is happy to see him go. To say nothing of his never having heard the expression “riding the hot horse” when he would bench players after having multiple hit games (C.J. Cron) because he didn’t like the subsequent game matchup.

Mike Reuben

Anaheim Hills

Why smile?

This is Bill Plaschke’s big take-away from Lakers media day? LeBron James didn’t smile?

I saw a player who’s been through this at least twice before who was going about his business. He knows this isn’t going to be easy, Miami didn’t jell overnight when he first got there and the Lakers are not only a team with a lot of players who have not played together but also a young and relatively inexperienced core.

Here’s what I saw in LeBron James: focus. It sometimes takes a serious mind-set to light that fuse and set an example.

Michael Solomon

Canoga Park

Gym dandy

I was touched by your two recent articles on Valorie Kondos Field, especially the latest in Monday’s edition. I found her battle with and recovery from breast cancer inspiring. Although I knew of her many national titles as coach of the women’s gymnastics team, I didn’t know of her association with John Wooden. Can’t wait to read the book. Also, kudos to Helene Elliott, who seems to find those off-beat stories that inspire.

Jack Walker

Santa Monica

Bad dreams

In Sunday’s story “When dreams cross the border,” regarding the quote from Mark Cisneros, a teacher and varsity coach at Alisal High in Salinas: “There are two ways to prove you’re a man: soccer or gangbanging.”

Is he serious? Those are horrible options for the citizens of California. Perhaps consider soccer or non-gangbanging? Or soccer and law school? Or baseball and commercial real estate? Aim higher, make the most of the great opportunities you have now.

Gary Keough


Go to class

Legendary baseball coach John Scolinos of Cal Poly Pomona always preached the three Cs: class, character and concern. Oaks Christian’s football coach could use this lesson after his team beat Bakersfield Christian 83-0.

Bruce Laracuente


Hello, Mr. Woods

With the rust and cobwebs nearly eradicated from Tiger Woods’ game, it’s time for the young players to start swimming or sink like a stone, or they will be playing only for second place . I imagine the mantra ingrained in Tiger’s psyche on Sunday afternoon relative to his competitors is “Intimidate, Humiliate, Destroy.” As evidence, see the performance of last Sunday’s pairing partner Rory McIlroy, as well as the rest of the field.

Joseph Hladek

Thousand Oaks

Monday blues

Raider Nation is upset with Jon Gruden because the Raiders are 0-3 to start the season. I am upset with Gruden because he left “Monday Night Football” and left us with the current broadcast team. The ESPN executives must have been picking their noses when Booger McFarland was selected to be one of their “professional” broadcasters.

Russell D. Beecher

Canyon Lake

Dennis Miller is off the hook. This “Monday Night Football” announcing crew is the worst of all time.

Anthony J. Moretti


Roll, Tide

Q. Why did Alabama schedule the Citadel on Nov. 17?

A. Because they were afraid to risk a stellar season record by playing Old Dominion!

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

Take a breath

If you read Bill Plaschke’s column on Thursday’s Rams game, you would swear the final score was something like 48-7. The score was 38-31 at home with Goff having a spectacular career night. I think Bill can ease up on the gushing for a while at least .

Bert Bergen

La Cañada

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