Michael Vick lasts just six plays -- again -- in preseason game

Michael Vick might not end up with much of a preseason, but he is expected to be ready to play once the regular season rolls around.

The latter part should be great news for Philadelphia Eagles fans, who saw their quarterback get knocked to the ground by New England’s Jermaine Cunningham on the sixth play of Monday night’s game. Vick left the game and didn’t return, but  X-rays came back negative.

Actually, Eagles fans might not be too heartbroken if Vick misses the rest of the preseason either. In the team’s exhibition opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, he also lasted just six plays before leaving the field, this time with a thumb injury. X-rays were negative that time, too.

So sitting out two meaningless games, even if he is perfectly capable of playing, may be the best move for Vick. At least he can’t get hurt on the sideline (one would hope, anyway).


Eagles Coach Andy Reid sounded like he could go either way with the Vick decision following Monday’s 27-17 victory over the Patriots.

“I’d probably like to see him play a little bit more, but he’s got enough experience,” Reid said of Vick. “We’re not talking about a rookie, so I think he’d be OK.”

He added: “I’m not that concerned, other than he’s hurt. I want to make sure he heals up and get him back in there. Hopefully, he doesn’t get hurt again.”



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