Clippers’ Eric Bledsoe works through aching body


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — The entire left side of Eric Bledsoe’s body ached from a fall he took in the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s game, leaving the muscular guard admitting that he was “banged up on my whole left side.”

Bledsoe had been given advice from Chris Paul to take an ice bath Sunday to ease some of his pain before the Clippers played the Detroit Pistons on Monday night.

So, did Bledsoe take the ice bath for his sore left elbow, left side and left hip that forced him to wear a pad during the game?


“No, man,” Bledsoe said, smiling. “I didn’t feel like getting in. It takes me like 30 minutes to get in.”


“Because I’ll be in there debating,” Bledsoe said. “I’ll put a toe in. It’ll be too cold and I take it back out.”

Bledsoe, 23, finished the Pistons game with only four points.

He admitted that his game wasn’t quite up to par, but he just gutted it out.

“As long as we got the win, that’s all I care about,” Bledsoe said. “I felt a little sore, but I was good enough to play.”

Clippers’ defense kicks in

At some point, the Clippers figured, their defense would be their guide against the Pistons.

That point was in the fourth quarter, when the Clippers held the Pistons to 16 points on 33.3% shooting.

The Clippers had three steals in the fourth quarter, two by Jamal Crawford, and forced the Pistons into six turnovers.

The Clippers also had three blocked shots in the quarter, two by Lamar Odom.

The Clippers held the Pistons to 76 points, tying a season low for an L.A. opponent.

“We tried to rush them a little bit,” Coach Vinny Del Negro said. “We switched some things. We trapped some things. We just tried to be aggressive, playing the passing lanes, which we are pretty good at.”

Caron Butler to give away bikes

Caron Butler will give away new bikes and helmets Thursday to 8- to 12-year-old members of the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club.

Butler said he has been doing this sort of charity work of distributing bikes for nine years, starting in his homestate of Wisconsin and in the Washington, D.C., area when he played for the Wizards.

“Now I want to bring it to L.A.,” Butler said. “It’s just to promote fitness and getting out exercising. I’m a avid bike rider. I do a lot of bike riding during the summer. That’s how I lost all that weight this summer.”