Live Chat: NFL expert Sam Farmer and Mark Thompson talk football

Rookie quarterbacks have had a huge impact on the NFL season so far, and not just Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Russell Wilson are also making things happen.

What’s going on with the youth movement? Turn in today at 11:30 Pacific to see our live chat with L.A. Times NFL expert Sam Farmer and Mark Thompson of Mark and Brian fame on their weekly Friday “NFL Slam with Mark and Sam.”

Everything’s on the table as we head into Week 10 of the NFL season. Among the topics up for discussion:.

--Blocked punt are way up this season. Why?

--Defenses have been playing particularly well, and Sam has some theories on why that’s happening.

--Pete Carroll, the former USC coach, gave Sam full access for a week to look inside his operation and see just how Carroll prepares his team for a game. That kind of access isn’t available most of the time, but Sam came away with a deeper understanding of a frenetic coach and all the elements that have to come together before game day.


--And of course, the big games of the weekend, who looks good and who doesn’t. An inside look at the NFL, every Friday. Join us.