Live discussion: Eli Manning or Robert Griffin III, who's better?


This week's Monday edition of our NFL Google+ hangout — "NFL Slam with Mark and Sam," starring Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer and Mark Thompson of "Mark and Brian" radio fame — covered a variety of topics, focusing on the NY Giants versus the Washington Redskins and their two star quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III.

"The New York Giants at home," Thompson said. "Eli Manning, this kid, he's won two Super Bowls, two MVPs, yet he still continues to surprise. And we knew RG3 would not be a doormat for anyone, and he proved it."

Farmer concurred.

"It was a great game. RG3's first in the NFC East and he sent a message that he will change the nature of that division for years to come. He threw a beautiful touchdown pass with 1:39 left. It seemed to most that the Redskins would win, but Manning, as he always seems to do, answers 19 seconds later and wins the game.

Thompson then pointed out that Manning may be the final example of a dying breed in the NFL. "Manning might be the last quarterback of that particular type — the stay-in-the-pocket guy. Now you have RG3, Cam Newton. ...  It's like there is something in the water."

Farmer took that to point out something that should interest USC fans.

"In next year's draft, do you like a Matt Barkley, who is a drop-back, less-mobile guy, or do you like a more mobile threat who is less of a threat with his arm. A lot of college teams are going with the latter, and now a lot of NFL teams are too."

It was another fascinating discussion by Farmer and Thompson. You can watch a replay of it above.

"NFL Slam with Mark and Sam" is held every Monday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. If you have questions for Mark and Sam, email them to and we will try to get them answered live during the chat.


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