NBA quotes of the week

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Either way, he won’t make the playoffs

Dallas forward Shawn Marion, on the possibility of being traded to another bad team: “If I’m going to get traded, they’re going to tell me what’s going on and where I’m going. Because if I’m going to a . . . situation, I’m not going. It’s just that simple.”

Waiting to exhale

Miami forward Chris Andersen, on the all-out effort he gives the Heat: “No matter the situation, I’m just going to keep on playing until I’m out of breath. If I pass out, I pass out. But I’m trying to get a sub before that happens.”

Love, actually

Minnesota forward Kevin Love, on fans’ contention that he wanted to leave the Timberwolves for a bigger market: “I just think that they need to realize that I love being here. I don’t know where the misconception came along, but I love this team. I love this organization and somewhere along the line it went the other way. I think that wholeheartedly they need to realize that I do want to be here. I have fun being here.”

Here to stay?

Boston forward Kevin Garnett, in an unprompted message to reporters on trade rumors involving the longtime Celtic: “I just want to say that I love my situation here. I don’t know what all your sources are, or whoever’s making up this . . . articles about me getting traded to Denver and all these other places. But I bleed green, and I will continue to do that. And if it’s up to me, I’m going to retire a Celtic.”

—Ben Bolch