Soccer fan loses his house when Arsenal loses a game

An Arsenal soccer fan in eastern Uganda was so confident his team would beat Manchester United in their English Premier League showdown last weekend that he bet the house on the Gunners.

That would be his former house now, since Manchester United won, 1-0.

Henry Dhabasani, who has three wives and five children, made a wager with friend Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would win, according to the London Daily Mail. Yiga offered to give up his Toyota Premio plus his wife -- despite the fact that Dhabasani already has three of those -- if Manchester United lost.

The bet was then written out and witnessed by community leaders in the town of Iganga, according to the Daily Mirror.

When Arsenal lost, a group of Manchester United fans stormed Dhabasani's house and evicted the family.

Africans might want to stop betting on Arsenal. When the Gunners beat Liverpool earlier this month, a policeman in Durban, South Africa, shot a friend in the chest after being taunted over the result.


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