LeBron James to bring back pregame chalk toss

Over the last two seasons, LeBron James has won two NBA championships and two league most valuable player awards.

But the Miami Heat superstar feels as though something is missing from his game -- the chalk toss.

James stopped tossing a cloud of chalk into the air before games during the 2010-11 playoffs. Even though he’s proved that he can win without the ritual, he has decided to bring it back.


On Tuesday he posted an Instagram photo of himself on the cover of the video game “NBA2K14" with this caption: “What y’all been on tonight!?! Cause this what I’m on. I remember playing Bulls vs Blazers and Double Dribble like these are the best(which they were at the time). Crazy to me that I’m on the cover of a video game man! #NBA2K14 #CoverBoy #RealestHoopGame #StriveForGreatness #PowderTossComingBackToAnArenaNearYou”

A reporter from the South Florida Sun Sentinel asked Jameso n Wednesday why he wanted to reintroduce the chalk toss to his pregame rourtine.

“Because I love my fans and they wanted it back,” James told the newspaper.


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