No, Patriots fans haven’t forgiven Roger Goodell. Just look at these towels

Patriots fans received towels featuring NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
(Sam Farmer/ Los Angeles Times)

Fans of the New England Patriots have their own version of the Steelers’ Terrible Towels, only these are aimed at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Barstool Sports handed out thousands of bright-blue hand towels featuring Goodell wearing a clown’s nose. The website, which began in Boston, had 70,000 of the towels made and handed them out in the Gillette Stadium parking lot.

Goodell is public enemy No. 1 among Patriots fans, who feel he unfairly punished quarterback Tom Brady for an alleged football-deflating scheme. Although this was shaping up to be Goodell’s first trip back to Gillette since Brady served his four-game suspension, the commissioner actually attended an exhibition game here in August.

“It’s very emotional,” said season-ticket holder Andrew Dellolio of Boston. “He threw our quarterback under the bus and tried to ruin his name. If they shine the camera on him, there are going to be so many boos.”


Asked whether some of the anti-Goodell venom dissipated with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, Dellolio said no and that fans are holding onto their anger.

“We’re New England, that’s what we do,” he said with a shrug. “We’re rock stars.”


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