Podcast: L.Z. Granderson connects the dots at Super Bowl LIII

The media view Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Tuesday amid Super Bowl LIII preparations.
(Tannen Maury / EPA-EFE/REX )

This week, the “Arrive Early, Leave Late” podcast goes behind the scenes at Super Bowl LIII with the Los Angeles Times reporters who will be covering Sunday’s game between the Rams and the New England Patriots.

New sports and culture columnist L.Z. Granderson says he’s in Atlanta to look beyond the box score “at the connection between the game that’s being played and all the factors that influence where it’s played, how it’s played and who gets to play it.”

Granderson | It’s hard to ‘stick to sports’ when sports doesn’t stick to sports »


He discusses the controversies surrounding the musical acts performing at the Super Bowl, the effect this game might have on future generations of football fans and other topics the casual fan might not pick up on.

Also, Lakers writer Tania Ganguli talks about the Anthony Davis trade situation, injury updates and the effect all of this is having on coach Luke Walton.

The Times launched “Arrive Early, Leave Late” in October to take listeners closer to the action of L.A.’s home teams. Hosted by Beto Durán and featuring The Times’ award-winning reporters and columnists, the podcast combines in-depth interviews, the best moments from the games and a look inside the front offices.

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