Gracias Fútbol: Reliving our favorite World Cup memories

"Gracias Futbol" on a wold cup trophy shaped like a globe
(Joshua Sandoval / For The Times )

The World Cup generates a wide range of emotions and with Qatar 2022 starting this week we wanted to bring together a collection of stories and memories of the big event.

En vísperas de Qatar 2022 se recuerda al jugador colombiano Andres Escobar en un momento alegre antes del Mundial de 1994.

As the World Cup in Qatar 2022 approaches, a Chicano kid reflects on how soccer helped him find his place in the world.

As the World Cup in Qatar gets ready to kick off, rooting for Argentina makes me reflect on all the past joys and heartbreaks.

Desde el primer Mundial que vi en en 1990 hasta Rusia 2018, la Copa del Mundial ha dejado momentos inolvidables en mi vida


How one moment and one goal captured a decades-long love affair with the World Cup.

The 2022 World Cup is nearly here. We asked readers and colleagues to share their favorite memories.

The joy and pain of Mexico’s performance in the World Cup have meant moments of real connection with my father.

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