Road trips 2019

Following environmentalist Edward Abbey's footsteps in the Utah and Arizona deserts

Following in the footsteps of Edward Abbey - seeing Utah's red rocks, the Colorado River and Arizona's cactus country - offers a perspective on the author.

Road trip: Oregon's Three Capes Scenic Loop surprises at every turn

Meares, Lookout and Kiwanda capes take you to beaches, offer breathtaking views and then there are the oh-so-fresh creameries.

Road trip: Cross into New Mexico's splendors

Take a road trip to New Mexico this summer through wide-open spaces under blue skies with mountains looming in the distance.

Road trip: Pacific Northwest loop leads you to fabulous falls, amazing peaks

This detour from Portland takes you to the Columbia River Gorge and to Mt. Hood. You can get both an outdoor and urban experience on this trip.

To California’s Basque Country, propelled by hydrogen

The future meets the past in a road trip to Bakersfield in a Toyota Mirai, the hydrogen-fueled car that steered us to some spectacular eating places.

Road trip: On the trail of olives and oranges in Ojai

You'll escape urban sprawl (mostly) and be rewarded with a tasting room (olive oil, not wine), interesting shopping, and gentle Ojai Valley Trails.

On Nevada's Electric Highway in a Tesla, a Wild West ethos versus a techie future

This Tesla road trip along Nevada's Electric Highway is a trip into the future. Yet, it’s also an escape into the past. Can such joys co-exist?

Still crazy for wildflowers? Colorado road trip leads to the summer bloom

A three-day road trip from L.A. to Colorado’s Crested Butte features amazing wildflower scenes from the deserts to the mountains, with Vegas and Utah in tow.

Out with the new, in with the old on a California antiquing trip on U.S. 101

Antiques fans can take a 530-mile route north from L.A. to Northern California, stopping at shops, seasonal markets and street fairs.

Take a train-themed road trip through California and Nevada

Here’s a four-day road trip for train enthusiasts that explores some of the surviving rail systems through California and Nevada.

Road trip: Hike, fish and explore historic sites in Colorado

This part of the Rocky Mountain state is full of ranches and grassy meadows. Keep an eye peeled for elk and cliff dwellings.

How to safely share the highway with semis

Sharing the road with semis means observing driving etiquette and amplifying it. Signal before a lane change or turn, and avoid the truck's blind spots.

Road trip: In New Mexico, a volcano hike and Wild West history

From Taos, N.M., travel on two of the state's scenic byways to Capulin Volcano National Monument and the town of Cimarron, steeped in Native American and cowboy history.

Road trip: Here’s our pick for Route 66 in Southern California

This way for motels that are little architectural gems and the Bottle Tree Ranch--just what it sounds like.

Are we recreational vehicle people? Hell, yeah!

We’ve traveled 16,000 miles so far in our tiny home. But we still ask whether we should abort and stop or do it all over again.

Road-tripping with an older parent lets you renew a relationship — and remember

Traveling with a parent requires a different set of skills — patience. listening. laughing — the same skills your parents needed when raising you.