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'Justice League' Amazons get a revealing costume makeover

Robin Wright shows off her pipes while wearing practical gear in "Wonder Woman." (Alex Bailey / Warner Bros.)
Robin Wright shows off her pipes while wearing practical gear in "Wonder Woman." (Alex Bailey / Warner Bros.)

Sometimes creators just can't help but mess with a good thing. Coca-Cola had New Coke. Garth Brooks had Chris Gaines. And now "Justice League" has its redesigned Amazon costumes. 

According to pictures posted over the weekend by the film's original director Zack Snyder, Wonder Woman's cronies sport significantly different duds in the new flick than the ones they donned in June's blockbuster smash "Wonder Woman."  

The costume updates are leaving some online critics cold and, all things considered, might have done the same for the actresses who wore them. 

See, unlike the reinforced, torso-covering warrior gear modeled by Robin Wright in the photo above, the Amazons featured in "Justice League" are wearing a little less. More accurately, a lot less.

While some of the new costumes provide protection for the women's internal organs, many leave the fighters depending only on their god-like abs of steel for defense.

But, you may ask, what of the "Wonder Woman" training scenes, where many Themyscira inhabitants were more casually clad?

You're not wrong. But in the narrative of the story, those garments were never intended for battle, where they would be easily ripped to shreds. They were made for sparring.

OK, but how about some equal opportunity exploitation?

After all, Snyder also made "300," a film not exactly known for its extensive abdominal protection. 

 (Warner Bros.)
(Warner Bros.)

Is it sexist? Is it disrespectful? 

Hard to say. The main takeaway from the costume kerfuffle is probably that Snyder doesn't have a firm grip on the purpose of armor. 

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