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Hillary Clinton 'out of the woods' and back on late-night hosts' radar

A bunch of late-night hosts welcomed Hillary Clinton back to the news cycle, Tuesday night, swarming on her interview at a women's conference  the way a flurry of hosts had swarmed on Trump's weekend Civil War comments in their monologues the night before. 

"Guess who's back?" said Stephen Colbert during his "The Late Show" monologue on CBS. "Hillary Clinton. She emerged from the woods just this afternoon."

Actually, the former secretary of State spoke with CNN's Christiane Amanpour before an audience at the Women to Women International conference in New York on Monday, but it took till Tuesday to show up on late-night TV (breaking news travels slowly to late night, which tapes in the afternoon).

Among the questions Amanpour asked Clinton was whether she thought that misogyny existed in the United States. (It was a question that got laughs of its own, and a comical "Hmmm" from Clinton.) Colbert's take: "Asking Hillary Clinton if sexism exists is like asking Serena Williams if she's heard of this tennis thing. She's aware of the situation."

"Hillary may have accidentally revealed why she really lost," Colbert revealed, taking off from the former presidential candidate's misstatement to Amanpour that the election took place Oct. 28.

"No, it was on Nov. 8, ma'am," he said. "That explains everything: 'Well, October 29th is here, and I am not president. Well, I guess I can stop campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin. Goodbye!'

"That's my impression of Hillary, by the way," Colbert added. "I would have worked on it more if I knew she was going to be back."

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers hit similar geographical points in his opening monologue on NBC: "Hillary Clinton said today she is very aware of the shortfalls of her campaign that caused her to lose the election, specifically Short Falls, Michigan, and Short Falls, Wisconsin."

On Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," in a segment titled "Vent of a Woman," host Trevor Noah also used the "came out of the woods" figure of speech and went further: "You can tell Hillary Clinton spent some time deep in that forest, because she clearly found some shade."

Clips of Clinton saying, "Because you know healthcare is complicated" and "I did win 3 million votes more than my opponent" followed.

"After 100 days, it was refreshing to hear a politician talk in full sentences," Noah said of the Clinton interview. "No 'tremendouses,' no hand gestures, not one description of chocolate cake. I didn't realize how much I missed hearing sentences with a beginning, middle and end."

Still, he continued, "We've all been inundated by cable news' fake excitement and sound bitingness for so long that I don't think Hillary Clinton or a candidate like her could ever connect with people. Because say what you want about Donald Trump, but he doesn't bore you.

"Listening to Hillary talk after getting used to Trump is like getting an iPhone after owning a Samsung; you know that the iPhone won't explode, but you miss the unpredictability."

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