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Stephen Colbert finds out what it's like to kiss 'Sean Spicer'

Forget sharing secrets with Russia. Forget the Comey memos. What America wants to know is what it's like to kiss Melissa McCarthy when she's made up as Sean Spicer.

Stephen Colbert wasted little time in asking his Tuesday night "Late Show" guest, comic Ben Falcone, who's married to McCarthy.

"How does it feel to be the only person that I know of that regularly makes out with Sean Spicer?" Colbert asked, showing a photograph of Falcone and McCarthy-Spicer with their faces pressed together. "That's pretty sexy, man."

"It's pretty sexy," Falcone admitted. "Bring a little bit of Spice into your bedroom, I guess. She's pretty no matter which way it is. I remember kissing her, and I'm just like, OK, you're not the press secretary, you're my wife."

"I bet he could use a little bit of tenderness too right now," Colbert said.

"Perhaps so," chuckled Falcone. "Perhaps."

They then moved on to the less embarrassing question of which chapter in "The Lord of the Rings" is their favorite.

Later that night, without changing the channel, we learned what it would be like to have One Direction's Harry Styles deliver the opening monologue on "The Late Late Show" in place of host James Corden. (Styles is currently a kind of "Late Late Show" guest-in-residence.) And we finally got around to Russia.

"Let's do what we do every night and talk about the news," said Styles, who showed no fear in the face of his crowd, who were delighted to begin with, nor of his material.

"Of course the big story today is that Donald Trump showed secret information with the Russians last week. The good news for Trump is that he has been named Employee of the Month by Russia."

He'll be there all week.

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