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Steve Martin deletes Twitter tribute to Carrie Fisher after backlash

Steve Martin and Carrie Fisher. (Casey Curry / Invision / AP; Chris Pizzello / AP)
Steve Martin and Carrie Fisher. (Casey Curry / Invision / AP; Chris Pizzello / AP)

Friends and fans alike took to social media to mourn Carrie Fisher’s death on Tuesday, including Steve Martin, who shared a message over Twitter. But Martin deleted his tweet soon after accusations that it was sexist.

“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,” Martin wrote.

Some called out Martin for focusing on her physical appearance , a topic Fisher spoke out against throughout her career. Others noted that Fisher likely wanted to be remembered for more than just being pretty .

After the tribute had been deleted, a contingent of supporters jumped to Martin’s defense , while others surmised that Fisher likely would have laughed about the matter.

Fisher, of course, was outspoken in her feminism , especially in regards to her legacy as Princess Leia . She did not hesitate to call people out on their perceptions and sexualization of the character .

Then again, Fisher herself reduced Martin to a one-night stand in a 1999 interview she conducted with the actor for The Times . "I slept with Steve Martin once and once only, 20-some years ago. And I interviewed Steve Martin once and once only, 20-some days ago," she began the piece. "You do the math."

"This interview will be the last in the series I did in my upcoming book, titled 'Famous Men I Have Slept With So I Could Interview Them Later,' due out in the fall for Simon & Schuster," Fisher added .

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