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The similarities are too obvious: Donald Trump thinks like a Nazi

To the editor: As a British visitor in Southern California for a few weeks with family, I am avidly following the election campaign. Max Boot’s fine piece on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s incendiary tweets should have examined further aspects of his record to establish his ideological closeness to Nazism. (“The Nazi echoes in Trump's tweets,” Opinion, Oct.

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Inconvenienced by a mother-in-law's death: How compassionate.

To the editor: Reading Amy Goldman Koss’ account of sorting through her late mother-in-law’s belongings made me sad. For one thing, I read it on the anniversary of my father’s death. (“When my mother-in-law died, cleaning her house quickly fell on me. I was not pleased,” Opinion, Oct. 18)

My father, like Koss’ mother-in-law, lost control at the end and collected Toby mugs.

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LAUSD's affordable housing boondoggle shows why voters must reject ballot measures

To the editor: Reading this article on affordable housing built for but unoccupied by Los Angeles Unified School District teachers confirmed my decision to vote “no” on most of the complex propositions on the November ballot. (“LAUSD teachers earn too much to live in the affordable housing apartments built for them,” Oct.

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When is it OK for police to shoot? Depends on if you're asking a cop or a civilian

In this election season, the volume of letters on the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has sometimes drowned out robust discussion on other important issues. This week, however, an interesting back-and-forth took place between some of The Times’ letter writers on the topic of officer-involved shootings, portions of which have already been published in the paper.

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Don't want to get shot? Obey the police.

To the editor: A letter writer asked what he was missing in this continuing controversy about police officers shooting suspects when no gun is seen. What he is missing is the reality of reaction time. 

It is well known by police that a suspect can present a gun and get off a shot before the officer can see a gun, perceive the threat and fire his weapon.

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Homeless advocates and residents are fighting over a Venice that no longer exists

To the editor: The “soul” of Venice is not homeless people sleeping on a sidewalk. It’s the creative spirit of people being able to be creative. If you’re struggling to physically survive, there’s no room for such “spirit.” (“Fears mount over a homeless plan that residents say will 'end Venice as we know it,'” Oct.

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