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Readers React

Readers React Letters to the editor and readers' opinions.
The Rams' new football stadium and the decline of American civilization

To the editor: Renderings of the proposed football stadium in Inglewood for the Los Angeles Rams and a picture of Super Bowl 50's quarterbacks side by side on the front page caught my eye as Monday's paper rested on my coffee table next to a photo book of ancient Roman ruins. ("The real challenge for Los Angeles' new football stadium is everything around it," Feb.

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Is it fair to hold a doctor responsible for her patients' overdoses?

To the editor: The conviction for Rowland Heights physician Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng strikes me as overly harsh and perhaps even stretches the definition of second-degree murder. ("Doctor convicted of murder for patients' drug overdoses gets 30 years to life in prison," Feb.

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The federal government stands between you and lead poisoning

To the editor: Thank you for connecting the problem of lead pollution in Flint, Mich., with the 20th century ad campaign to put lead in paint, pipes and gasoline by the companies that profited from the debilitating and deadly consumption of lead by children and adults. ("A brief history of how the American public was sold on toxic lead," Feb.

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To prevent another Porter Ranch gas leak, switch to geothermal

To the editor: With the Aliso Canyon well near Porter Ranch soon to be capped, ending the gas leak that has released masses of environmentally damaging natural gas into our atmosphere, it is not only essential that new safety measures be introduced but, more important, that ways are found to offset the environmental damage already done. ("Relief well is closing in on Porter Ranch gas leak," Feb.

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Evidence for the use of 'comfort women' during World War II

To the editor: Reading about the fight over teaching about the use of “comfort women” by Japanese soldiers during World War II reminded me of a letter my father wrote. ("'Comfort women' and a lesson in how history is shaped in California textbooks," Feb. 7)

Among the letters from my father, a medical officer for a special U.S.

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With drug company lobbyists in Washington, don't expect relief on prices

To the editor: Something must be done to control the price of drugs. One would think that the drug giants would be proud of their medicines and the good they do — and they probably are. But as David Lazarus shows in his column on the major price increase for a drug used to treat a typical ear infection suffered by children, they are more driven by obscene profit.

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