Washington defeats No. 17 USC, 17-12

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Kudos to Metrolink

To the editor: I would like to applaud Metrolink for its diligent work in installing lifesaving positive train control technology over the last few years and meeting Congress' end-of-year deadline. (“Who'll stop the train?,” Editorial, Oct. 1)However, many rail lines did not act with the same sense of urgency and may not finish installing the technology for years to come.

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Guns and death: Why is so hard to make the connection?

To the editor: I stopped dead in my tracks seeing these two headlines side by side in your paper. Do the people of Roseburg, Ore., really not see the connection? (“Residents still oppose gun control,” Oct. 5, and “Town asks, Why? Why? Why?” Oct. 5)Are people desperately clinging to their guns because they feel powerless in the face of changing technology, social norms and climate?

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Did the U.S. commit a war crime in Afghanistan?

To the editor: Whatever the outcome of numerous investigations, it is only a matter of time before any combination of might and violence will involve human error or miscalculation — and result in unintended damage and lives lost. Will man ever learn that the open palm is more powerful than the clenched fist? (“U.S. is accused of war crime,” Oct. 5, and “U.S.

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The freedom to end one's own life

To the editor: I'm very pleased to witness this in my lifetime. (“The right to die in California,” Editorial, Oct. 6) I'm a senior and my years are numbered, and I want the choice to end excruciating pain, if I'm suffering it.

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Religious fervor goes way too far

To the editor: I am disgusted by the sectarian violence worldwide. (“Mob in India kills a Muslim accused of eating beef,” Oct. 1)The slaying of a Muslim father and the severe beating of his son by Hindus in India is particularly egregious. Because they allegedly ate beef, as is allowed in their religion? Why a human life is less sacred than cows is a distinction beyond my comprehension. Lloyd A.

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Bashing Berkeley on recommendation letters

To the editor: As UC Berkeley is studying the importance, efficacy and impact of letters of reference from a teacher and a mentor on undergraduate admissions, I come down firmly on a “no!” (“Cal asking for letters of reference,” Oct. 4)Some potential problems: Not all teachers/mentors will want to write these letters, and not all teachers/mentors write well.

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