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Congress needs to do its job and investigate Trump's ties to Russia

To the editor: Thanks to Max Boot for voicing many of my own concerns about President Trump’s ties to and admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy, which has quashed democracy and impoverished that country in many ways. (“Kremlingate: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?” Opinion, Feb.

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Trump's disgraceful attempt to get around protections for dreamers

To the editor: It is deplorable for the Trump administration to be strategizing how to end the dreams of 750,000 young immigrants who were brought here illegally by their parents. (“The White House has found ways to end protection for 'Dreamers' while shielding Trump from blowback,” Feb.

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How government leaks prevent a police state

To the editor: I must respond to a letter writer who suggested that the leaks by “unelected and unnamed bureaucrats to bring down officials is what happens in a police state.” (“Constant revelations about the Trump administration and Russia bring back memories of Watergate,” Readers React, Feb. 16)

The writer is incorrect.

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If we can't even raise the measly gas tax, things don't look good with climate change

To the editor: This headline might as well be, “Why fixing climate change won’t be easy.” (“'This is the worst I have seen': California's roads are in dire shape, says former Caltrans director,” Feb.

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'Trump lives in his own reality' and other reader takeaways from the president's news conference

In any other administration, the president fielding questions from reporters would be barely distinguishable from any other day-to-day newsworthy events in Washington. But when President Trump stands in front of a camera and talks to journalists, readers pull up a chair.

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Lesson of the Oroville Dam crisis: California's one-party rule is not a sustainable model

To the editor: Everything I have been worrying about regarding California and its infrastructure vis a vis the Oroville Dam crisis was expressed by Victor Davis Hanson. Where did it all go wrong in our state? Between our underfunded pensions, the bullet train to nowhere and the burden of high taxes placed on those of us who pay them, this is not a sustainable model.

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