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Religion at work

To the editor: Would the Texas attorney general condone county clerks of one religion refusing to issue building permits to construct houses of worship for another religion? (“Vows against gay marriage,” June 30) Could a religiously pacifist clerk in Texas refuse to issue concealed-carry handgun permits?

Could a religiously vegetarian clerk refuse to issue food service permits to a steakhouse?


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A helping hand for the homeless

To the editor: I read with amazement the article detailing the decision of the Los Angeles City Council. (“Stop punishing the homeless,” Opinion, June 30)

No mention was made about where these thousands of our most vulnerable citizens are supposed to go — except to say that the shelters in the city are full.

Are we truly so heartless that we would visit additional hardship upon people whose lot is...

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Why can't we watch the police?

To the editor: Unlike many countries in which officers are unarmed while performing routine duties on the streets, we have armed our police and given them the authority to kill members of our community as needed. (“Big test for police video in Gardena,” June 30)

After having been caught repeatedly killing innocent people, our police are now fighting to prevent their employers — us — from reviewing...

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Black vs. gay?

To the editor: Meeke Addison's statement that “your sexual preference is not equal to the color of my skin, an immutable characteristic” (“Wedded to traditional ideas,” June 30) very accurately states a fundamental misunderstanding pervasive in the anti-same-sex marriage dialogue.

Sexual preference is as much an immutable characteristic of an individual as the color of one's skin. The decision by...

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Greece on the brink of collapse

To the edtior: The front-page reports (“Greek crisis threatening to undo EU,” June 29)(“Dangers in Greek default,” June 30) of the “Greek crisis” actually reveal that it's not about the Greeks or the Greek economy (although the information doesn't surface until deep in the articles). The villains in the crisis are the usual suspects: the multinational corporations bent on ramming their “reforms” down...

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Marriage equality: the polygamy red herring

To the editor: The headline (“Polygamy comes next,” Opinion, June 30) implies that polygamy will soon be legalized as liberals take over the country. While complete nonsense, such statements are very effective politically.Fear-mongering like this has been the mainstay of conservative discourse ever since Rush Limbaugh showed the GOP how well it works. The Affordable Care Act would shut off Grandma's...

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