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Readers React

Readers React Letters to the editor and readers' opinions.
The truth behind Gloria Steinem's and Madeleine Albright's impolitic remarks

To the editor: In her critique of feminist writer and activist Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, both of whom expressed dismay that many young woman support Bernie Sanders for president, Robin Abcarian may be sending a confused message. ("Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright: You are not helping Hillary Clinton," Feb.

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Wins by Trump and Sanders portend another American revolution

To the editor: The New Hampshire election results demonstrate a sad and scary truth: Our citizens are ready to revolt. ("As a long race beckons, Tuesday winners Trump and Sanders face challenges," Feb. 10)

There's no question that government serves special interests, not the people.

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Lean, mean -- and obese, according to BMI charts

To the editor: According to my body mass index, not only have I been overweight for years, I've even been obese. ("BMI mislabels 54 million Americans as 'overweight' or 'obese,' study says," Feb. 4)

Really? I am 65 and have worked out all of my adult life. I'm 5 feet 8 and 176 pounds.

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Capitalism doesn't justify ripping off the sick with high drug prices

To the editor: In response to David Lazarus' Feb. 5 column on price gouging by Big Pharma, one reader wrote, “As much as I appreciate Lazarus' reporting, this is a lost cause.” It is, but only as long as we the people continue to allow our representatives to be bought off by the lobbyists. ("With drug company lobbyists in Washington, don't expect relief on prices," Readers React, Feb.

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The Rams' new football stadium and the decline of American civilization

To the editor: Renderings of the proposed football stadium in Inglewood for the Los Angeles Rams and a picture of Super Bowl 50's quarterbacks side by side on the front page caught my eye as Monday's paper rested on my coffee table next to a photo book of ancient Roman ruins. ("The real challenge for Los Angeles' new football stadium is everything around it," Feb.

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Is it fair to hold a doctor responsible for her patients' overdoses?

To the editor: The conviction for Rowland Heights physician Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng strikes me as overly harsh and perhaps even stretches the definition of second-degree murder. ("Doctor convicted of murder for patients' drug overdoses gets 30 years to life in prison," Feb.

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