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Malibu unites readers on all sides of the immigration debate — against a 'sanctuary' city

Congratulations, Malibu: You’ve forged a consensus on immigration, perhaps the most polarizing issue in politics today. Problem is, the agreement is on how bad you look.

Last week, the City Council of that seaside municipality voted to make its community a safe haven for immigrants fearing deportation under the Trump administration.

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Even Trump's critics must admit: Improving U.S.-Russia relations would be a good thing

To the editor: The Times’ editorial on President Trump and Russia was thoughtful, balanced and largely correct. (“This is how Trump can achieve a balanced policy with Russia,” editorial, March 21)

It did, however, miss one very important point: Trump represents the best opportunity to improve US-Russian relations in more than two decades. Although the reasons vary, the Presidents Clinton, George W.

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How badly does California need more lawyers? Not enough to make the bar exam easier.

To the editor: David L. Faigman, dean of UC Hastings College of the Law, bemoans the high “cut score” resulting in what he asserts is a pass rate on the California bar exam that is “too low.” He notes with some chagrin that 1,789 people could’ve become lawyers had they only attempted to do so in New York instead of California.

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If you loved the GOP version of healthcare reform, just wait until it's time for tax reform

To the editor: It is astounding that Republicans could so badly misread the public in proposing a healthcare plan that would discard 24 million people from their insurance over 10 years, raise premiums for seniors and cost states billions. Gov. Jerry Brown estimated that California would lose an astounding $24.3 billion annually by 2027. (“With his governing legacy on the line, Gov.

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Did Rep. Devin Nunes just ruin his committee's ability to investigate Trump?

To the editor: How deliciously ironic that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) exploits, or even worse instigates, the very intelligence leaks he and his Republican cohorts repeatedly have decried during the current hearings on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

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'No sign of mountains': What it was like in L.A. before today's clean-air rules

To the editor: In 1971, my 2-year-old son and I moved to Los Angeles from Boston. As we descended into LAX, the clouds were dirty, an ominous shade of brown. I wondered why the San Fernando Valley was called a valley; there was no sign of mountains when I drove to work through the canyons to Van Nuys. (“Will Trump erect a roadblock to Southern California's decades-long fight against smog?

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