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Readers React Letters to the editor and readers' opinions.
Between the lanes

To the editor: Kudos to columnist Robin Abcarian for being brave enough to try this practice. (“A firsthand look at lane splitting,” Column, July 3)

Perhaps she will now view it as do people from other countries.

Here, it's commonly known as “lane-splitting,” for which the words connote violence.

A far more accurate term, used in other countries, is “filtering,” which is truly what we do: move through...

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A closer look at history

To the editor: I am impressed with professor Don Olson and his colleagues' scientific challenge to the exact time of the famous kiss celebrating the end of World War II. (Astronomical time unraveler,” Science File, July 4)

I've just realized that if you focus on the people in the background, the clues are there. A few people close by are smiling at the young sailor and the nurse, apparently amused...

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Kathryn Steinle: Protecting the citizens of S.F.

To the editor: There won't be any sizable demonstrations or public protests over this killing. (“5-time deportee held in killing,” July 4, and “Shooting stirs immigration policy debate,” July 5).

The family and friends of Kathryn Steinle are no doubt affected and will receive sympathy from others, but no government agency nor official will offer an apology for the policies and politics responsible...

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Not happy with the UC system

To the editor: I was shocked and angered when I read the recent article revealing the present in-state and out-of-state enrollment statistics for the University of California system. (“Odds of UC spot grow longer,” July 3)

As a high-bracketed taxpaying Californian, I find it offensive that my tax dollars, as well as those of all state taxpayers, are going toward subsidizing out-of-state students at...

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'Parachute' kids need supervision, or a ticket home

To the editor: Apart from the obvious horror of the incidents described in this tale of teenage bullying and torture, these “parachute” kids represent the merging of a Dickens novel and a Marx Brothers movie. (“Adolescence in free fall,” July 2)

Any parent who would send his or her child off alone to a foreign country — even if the intent is to obtain a better education or a better life for the child...

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Not unlike measles, California vaccination debate rages on

To the editor: I commend the Legislature for passing and the governor for signing the bill requiring “children entering school or day care to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, whooping cough and other diseases. (“Law's foes refuse to quit,” July 4) Parents will no longer be able to cite religious or personal beliefs in seeking exemptions.”I am 88 years old, and I still mourn the loss of my 22-month-old...

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