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Readers React

Readers React Letters to the editor and readers' opinions.
Women's rights might be a side issue to male candidates, but not to Hillary Clinton

To the editor: Maria Bustillos dismisses what she calls “women's issues” as less urgent than the issues of class and economic inequality that are Sen. Bernie Sanders' exclusive focus. Bustillos also implies that “breaking the glass ceiling” is merely a vanity project for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the self-centered establishment women who support her.

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How Baca defended himself in The Times during the jails scandal

Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca admitted this week that he lied on April 12, 2013, to federal agents investigating inmate abuse at Los Angeles County jails. Around the time investigators had interviewed him, Baca wrote several letters to The Times defending his reforms at the jails — which editorials derided as inadequate — and his broader record as sheriff.

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A strong Coastal Commission stands between builders and pristine beaches

To the editor: The battle between development and conservationist factions of the California Coastal Commission reminds me of what went on with a piece of property our family was involved with in a consortium of would-be developers. ("The pristine beauty of California's coast shouldn't be for the few," Feb. 10)

Beginning in the early 1960s, we were in a partnership that owned Tuna Canyon in Malibu.

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$45,000 a year to start? No wonder young people don't want to teach.

To the editor: One of the most pernicious ideas afloat in the public is that teachers “don't go into teaching to get rich…they love to teach” (even when offered by an ex-teacher, who, tellingly, is now a state senator). ("How California can entice young people back to teaching," Feb.

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Federal officials should have made an example of Lee Baca

To the editor: No more than six months in prison? Possible probation? Really? And those in positions to fix the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department permanently are holding meetings to figure out how it got so corrupt? ("Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca pleads guilty in jail scandal," Feb.

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Supreme Court puts dirty-energy profits above the planet

To the editor: It is shameful, disgraceful, impractical, premature and shortsighted that the U.S. Supreme Court decided to halt President Obama's recent climate change regulation that was achieved in Paris in a groundbreaking international agreement until legal challenges have been settled, which may take a year or more.

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