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When John Glenn rode a missile into space, orbiting Earth was far from routine or safe

Most of the time, at least one American is orbiting Earth in the International Space Station. What seems so routine, if still risky, today was heroically dangerous in 1962, when John Glenn became the first American to orbit our planet.

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Filtering out fake news — there ought to be an app for that

To the editor: Anyone can say anything, true or false. Falsehoods can even be published on social media that are intentionally untrue but intended to earn dollars via advertising clicks. The 1st Amendment allows this, regardless of the hateful and harmful consequences. The best way to neutralize fake news is with the truth. (“Man told police he was armed to save child sex slaves, left D.C.

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Why do Trump's exact words matter? Because people hear them.

To the editor: Following adverse reactions to some of Donald Trump’s comments during the presidential election, the public was advised by his supporters to take him seriously but not literally. Jonah Goldberg reminds us that words matter, as do several other articles in the same edition of the Times. (“Take Trump seriously but not literally? How, exactly?” Opinion, Dec.

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The State Department defines anti-Semitism for other countries; the U.S. should do the same for its own colleges

To the editor: Lawyer Liz Jackson attacks the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. I co-sponsored this bipartisan legislation, along with Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), to protect Jewish college students from discrimination. (“The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act would damage free speech rights on campus,” Opinion, Dec.

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Fire codes should be proactively complied with, not merely enforced

To the editor: Oakland officials might not have been proactive in enforcing the fire codes clearly violated by the Ghost Ship warehouse, but liability is widespread. I feel facility owners and managers have no excuse for failing to meet even rudimentary fire safety standards. (“Building inspectors had not been inside Oakland warehouse in 30 years, officials say,” Dec.

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Mountain lions and alpacas can coexist. Just keep the alpacas in an enclosure at night.

To the editor: Let’s rethink Karen Dawn’s effective death sentence for P-45, the local mountain lion with a taste for alpaca. (“P-45 doesn't deserve to die, and neither did the 10 alpacas he killed,” Opinion, Dec.

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