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710 tunnel: If you build it, the cars will come -- too many cars

To the editor: How ironic: An Op-Ed article supporting an extension of the 710 Freeway by James E. Moore II appears in The Times on the same day as a report on a recent study by the American Highway Users Alliance showing that 11 of the worst highway bottlenecks in the country are in the Los Angeles area.

To these 11, Moore would add a 12th.

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College microaggression: Stop telling black students to 'move on'

To the editor: Jonathan Zimmerman's Op-Ed article reflects a very serious lack of understanding of the damage done by racial discrimination. ("Take a cue from Ralph Ellison: Don't demean minority students by overprotecting them," Op-Ed, Nov. 20)

I doubt that Ralph Ellison would agree with Zimmerman's conclusion that the verbal assaults experienced by African Americans today are only a “distraction.”

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Ireland, the tax haven of choice for Pfizer

To the editor: So two more companies, Allergan and Pfizer, are going to structure their merger in such a way as to avoid U.S. corporate taxes and take advantage of lower rates in Ireland. It is clear that fighting “inversion” is not working. ("Pfizer's creative merger plan revives concerns about tax-avoiding 'inversions,'" Nov.

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Today's college students say 'enough' on campus racism

To the editor: Decades ago I attended Cal State Los Angeles and UCLA. Rampant racism existed on both campuses. A white counselor, for example, attempted to dissuade me from pursuing a legal career, claiming that I lacked the aptitude to succeed. ("Sharp divisions emerge on campuses as some criticize activists' tactics as intimidation," Nov.

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Homeless on Thanksgiving and when the El Niño rains come

To the editor: I was deeply moved, inspired and saddened by Gary Blasi's Op-Ed article predicting death for some of Los Angeles' homeless population when the increasingly likely heavy rains come due to El Niño in the next few months. ("Preparing to declare a 'local emergency' could save L.A.'s homeless people when El Niño rains hit," Op-Ed, Nov.

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Why Fay Wells should no longer feel threatened by police

To the editor: I'm sorry for Fay Wells — who wrote in the Washington Post of having about 20 Santa Monica police officers show up, some with guns drawn, at her apartment after a neighbor incorrectly reported a burglary — that she feels unsafe. ("The police recording you need to hear after a black woman 'broke into' her own home," Nov. 20)

She should feel safe.

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