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Readers React

Readers React Letters to the editor and readers' opinions.
Gerrik Thomas -- a slain black life that mattered too

To the editor: I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Krikorian that there is a horrible lack of outrage about Gerrik Thomas' killing in South Los Angeles. Where are the protests? Do black lives matter only when those lives are taken by people who are not black? ("Just another South L.A. killing?," Opinion, Feb. 4)

The problem, as I see it, is that the media do not find this sort of homicide newsworthy.

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LAPD Chief Beck: LAPD leads the way on transparency

To the editor: I was very disappointed with this editorial's headline. ("LAPD's wall of secrecy has to go," editorial, Feb.

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Barbie's perfect, but only inside her box

To the editor: Barbie may be “basic,” as Meghan Daum writes, but playing with her is anything but. ("Curvy or no, Barbie is still a mean girl," Opinion, Feb. 4)

We used to stick pins through her entire head and call them earrings, break her legs trying to make her ride a plastic horse. Ken got his head shaved in a sex-change operation. I've seen boys put G.I.

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What happens when the wrong guy is arrested

To the editor: Years ago as a young attorney, I represented a Mexican immigrant who had been arrested pursuant to a felony warrant issued in Los Angeles. He was held for several weeks and spoke no English. ("Mistaken ID case: Man was jailed despite being 9 inches taller than the wanted man," Feb.

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Are WASP pilots truly veterans?

To the editor: Both the news article regarding burying the remains of Women Airforce Service Pilots (or WASPs) during World War II at Arlington National Cemetery and the one letter to the editor border on silly. My favorite uncle was a decorated Air Force pilot during the war, and I discussed this subject with him frequently. I was a military officer during the Vietnam War.

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Race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gets noisier

You might not know it reading The Times' letters pages, but there's a race going on for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination too.

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