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Donald Trump said he'll win the Latino vote. That's delusional.

To the editor: Donald Trump makes some far-fetched assumptions and incorrect claims about immigrants. One of the most outrageous is his belief that he will get the Latino vote. ("Donald Trump and Univision's Jorge Ramos engage in testy exchange in Iowa," Aug. 25)

Let's take at look at this: He favors forced deportation. He is in favor of building a border wall. He calls immigrants rapists and murderers.

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Hillary Clinton's emails caused no real harm, so why the fuss?

To the editor: Security consultant John R. Schindler's petty attack on Hillary Rodham Clinton is beneath the dignity of The Times. Schindler sums up the weakness of the far right's attack in one sentence: “Even if Clinton was the only recipient of top-secret information, she should've reported the problem.” Huh? ("Why Clinton's email problem won't go away," Op-Ed, Aug.

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Saying no the Iran nuclear deal requires political courage

To the editor: Joseph Cirincione's Op-Ed article relies on specious arguments, including his statement that the nuclear deal with Iran “has the backing of nearly the entire American security establishment, current and retired, [and] it enjoys the overwhelming support of nuclear scientists and policy experts.” ("What happens if the Senate rejects the Iran deal?," Op-Ed, Aug. 23)

This is questionable.

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How California's clean vehicle rebate benefits the poor and middle class

To the editor: The article "California limits hybrid rebates to households earning less than $500,000" completely missed the point of California's clean vehicle rebate program.

The rebate is available for buyers of pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids. These cars produce zero or low emissions and reduce smog, address climate change and help protect public health.

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James Holmes gets a punishment worse than death: life in prison

To the editor: Most people assume that death is the ultimate penalty for the worst crimes. I disagree. ("'Get the defendant out of my courtroom,' judge says in sentencing James Holmes," Aug. 26)

Life imprisonment with no possibility of parole seems to be worse. It requires the perpetrator to spend his whole life in contemplation of what he has done. Death frees him from any sense of guilt or responsibility.

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Why the 'children first' mentality is making teachers quit

To the editor: Kristina Rizga writes about the wisdom of Mission High School in San Francisco giving its teachers time to plan for and reflect on student achievement. She noticed, “As teacher morale and retention rates went up, student achievement rates did too.” Is this really surprising? ("Why so many teachers quit, and how to fix that," Op-Ed, Aug.

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