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No Trump tax returns, no Trump tax plan

To the editor: I have finally found something to admire about President Trump: his almost quixotic tenacity. Unfortunately, he lacks the moral fiber of Miguel de Cervantes’ hero even with his Sancho Panza stand-in, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. (“Trump wants to lower business rate to 15% in 'biggest tax cut' in U.S.

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President Trump should stop trying to undermine our independent judiciary

To the editor: President Trump’s criticism of opponents for “judge shopping” is misleading. Together with White House comments questioning the legitimacy of “unelected” judges, these statements represent a threat to the rule of law and the independence of the federal judiciary.

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Does UC's current leadership share the vision of the university's early champions?

To the editor: Gov. Pat Brown, our current governor’s father, envisioned a University of California system in which all state residents who desired a degree could obtain their dream education at our prestigious schools virtually free of charge.

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By not recognizing the Armenian genocide, the U.S. promotes an 'alternative fact'

To the editor: Thanks to Robin Abcarian for her reporting on the Armenian March for Justice commemorating the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

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Detained immigrants facing imminent deportation deserve legal help first

To the editor: Before deciding who should benefit from legal representation under locally funded deportation defense programs, we must first understand why this is needed.

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President Trump gets tough, finally — on Canada

To the editor: Candidate Donald Trump promised that, if elected, he would confront China.

Instead, President Trump’s first two actions regarding this issue were to cancel U.S. involvement in the Trans Pacific Partnership, leaving much of Asia clear for China, and back off his angry rhetoric about China’s currency manipulation after hosting the Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago.

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