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Someone whose statements always need explaining should not be president

To the editor: Retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, attempted to explain what President Trump meant when he spoke to the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson. (“John Kelly, who lost a son in combat, gives an emotional defense of Trump's calls to military families,” Oct.

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Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein — what a bad year for women

To the editor: Ann Friedman opens her op-ed article with the following statement: “It’s been two weeks since the ‘open secret’ about Harvey Weinstein landed in … about every media outlet in the country.” (“Want to be a male ally to harassed women? Stop ranting about Harvey Weinstein and put your friends in check,” Opinion, Oct.

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Los Angeles should not sacrifice its urban soul to lure Amazon

To the editor: I find it troubling to see great cities across the country so quickly bending the knee to a corporate behemoth that will, without question, change the cultural fabric that makes the bidding towns great in the first place. (“The groveling to win Amazon’s new headquarters has gotten embarrassing. Stop it,” editorial, Oct.

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Why more doctors are embracing scientifically sound integrative medicine

To the editor: We take umbrage at Michael Hiltzik’s column challenging the Samueli family’s $200-million donation to UC Irvine for integrative medicine. Hiltzik is concerned that the donation will “integrate quackery” into the curriculum and “tar” the reputation of the medical school. (“A $200-million donation threatens to tar UC Irvine's medical school as a haven for quacks,” Sept.

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Abortion is medical treatment, and the government has no right to deny one to a woman

To the editor: The agency overseeing refugee affairs won’t allow Jane Doe, a pregnant 17-year-old Central American refugee, to undergo an abortion pending a court hearing on her immigration status. Why? The agency disingenuously claims that it opposes the U.S. becoming a “sanctuary for taxpayer-supported abortions” through minors’ illegal border crossings.

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This nation needs boring and competent. Dianne Feinstein delivers both.

To the editor: The best government is boring. Republican high drama is meant to divert our attention from their bad results. (“Think Feinstein is a shoo-in for another term? Don't be shocked if voters shake things up,” Oct. 19)

If Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is overly soft-spoken on President Trump and the GOP, at least it doesn't generate more media distraction.

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