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'Trump lives in his own reality' and other reader takeaways from the president's news conference

In any other administration, the president fielding questions from reporters would be barely distinguishable from any other day-to-day newsworthy events in Washington. But when President Trump stands in front of a camera and talks to journalists, readers pull up a chair.

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Lesson of the Oroville Dam crisis: California's one-party rule is not a sustainable model

To the editor: Everything I have been worrying about regarding California and its infrastructure vis a vis the Oroville Dam crisis was expressed by Victor Davis Hanson. Where did it all go wrong in our state? Between our underfunded pensions, the bullet train to nowhere and the burden of high taxes placed on those of us who pay them, this is not a sustainable model.

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Why not give Betsy DeVos and school vouchers a try?

To the editor: I found Barbara Miner’s article slamming Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to be hysterical — not only funny, but also prone to hysteria. She accuses DeVos of having a passionate desire to replace our system of “democratically controlled public schools” with a universal voucher program.

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Organ donation: an immense act of charity amid grief

To the editor: The op-ed article on the heart donated by author Reg Green’s 7-year-old son in Italy 22 years ago is a beautiful story. It is such a positive tale of death and the healing process. (“The final beat of Nicholas Green’s heart of gold,” Opinion, Feb. 13)

We donated parts of my 1-year-old son’s brain, his heart and his kidneys to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles when he died there in 1987.

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Constituents have concerns about Trump, but these Republican lawmakers don't want to hear them

To the editor: Thanks to George Miller and John Lawrence for their inspiring piece. It prompted me to pull out a blank stamped postcard and write a thank-you note to the local office staff member for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) who met with me Monday to discuss my concerns with repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. (“How to make your voice heard in Washington,” Opinion, Feb.

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Trump complains about being treated unfairly — when his career is the epitome of unfairness

To the editor: I am struck by President Trump’s ongoing refusal to address issues; instead, he bemoans how unfair things are. (“Trump is showing a reluctance to take responsibility for White House chaos,” Feb.

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