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Kobe Bryant announces he will retire after this season

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Trying to understand Donald Trump's appeal from the outside

According to polls, more Republicans support Donald Trump than any other GOP candidate. According to my count, few of them write letters to The Times.

The letters responding to Doyle McManus' column on Wednesday, which chalked up Trump's persistent popularity to fear and anger, reflect that.

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Celebrate the holidays by welcoming Mideast refugees

To the editor: During this season of Thanksgiving, the difference between our lives and those fleeing violence around the world is thrown into sharp contrast. While we eat plenty of turkey and pie, Syrian families are doing the best they can to keep themselves safe. ("Canada plans to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February," Nov.

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How therapy can help combat college sexual assault

To the editor: I am the mother of a college-aged daughter and a high school-aged son as well as a licensed psychotherapist who works with adolescents and young adults, so I read this opinion with special concerns.

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson: the frontrunners no one wants

To the editor: No one expected that two political outsiders — one loud and obnoxious, the other soft-spoken and self-effacing, neither ready for prime time — would be leading the Republican presidential nominating contest this late in the calendar. ("Common sense tells us Ben Carson isn't ready to be president," Opinion, Nov.

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710 tunnel: If you build it, the cars will come -- too many cars

To the editor: How ironic: An Op-Ed article supporting an extension of the 710 Freeway by James E. Moore II appears in The Times on the same day as a report on a recent study by the American Highway Users Alliance showing that 11 of the worst highway bottlenecks in the country are in the Los Angeles area.

To these 11, Moore would add a 12th.

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College microaggression: Stop telling black students to 'move on'

To the editor: Jonathan Zimmerman's Op-Ed article reflects a very serious lack of understanding of the damage done by racial discrimination. ("Take a cue from Ralph Ellison: Don't demean minority students by overprotecting them," Op-Ed, Nov. 20)

I doubt that Ralph Ellison would agree with Zimmerman's conclusion that the verbal assaults experienced by African Americans today are only a “distraction.”

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