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Trump's shortsighted action on climate-change rules risks powering down the U.S. economy

To the editor: Why do fostering economic growth and controlling greenhouse gas emissions have to be mutually exclusive? (“Trump orders government to dismantle Obama’s climate change policies,” March 28)

It is nonsense to say that because climate-change control measures are putting the U. S. economy at risk, the federal government must scuttle its plan to cut emissions at power plants.

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Metro hasn't figured out how to manage its freeway express lanes. Why not return them to carpoolers?

To the editor: It’s time for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to admit its mistakes and return the toll lanes that are also open to cars with multiple occupants to their rightful users: carpoolers. (“L.A.

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Congress has managed to make the 'sport' of hunting in Alaska more contemptible

To the editor: For Congress to roll back a federal ban on inhumane methods of hunting in Alaska wildlife refuges, as described in your article, is a new low. Thank you for shining a spotlight on this terrible vote. (“Congress votes to allow controversial hunting practices in Alaska,” March 24)

States’ rights? Subsistence hunting rights?

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Lawmakers who opposed Trumpcare were acting in voters' best interest, not being disloyal to the president

To the editor: White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said that disloyal House Republicans were responsible for the failure of Trumpcare. President Trump called them “hard-liners.” (“Trump blames GOP conservative faction for blocking healthcare bill,” March 26)

Now we know that what members of Congress are actually voting on or what they think does not matter.

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Trump lacks the temperament and the attention span to win legislative battles

To the editor: Doyle McManus was only partially correct about President Trump blowing the deal on healthcare. The president has more problems. (“It turns out Donald Trump is not an Artist of the Deal,” Opinion, March 24)

First, his attention span is too short for him to study any complicated issue. He has acknowledged that healthcare is complicated, but he has refused to or cannot learn the details.

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Payback for stonewalling Merrick Garland is no reason to oppose Neil Gorsuch

To the editor: The Times’ righteous indignation is an example of why our government is paralyzed.

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