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Jews no longer prioritize social justice? Look at what they're doing in L.A.

To the editor: Most of the few dozen reader responses to Mark Oppenheimer’s op-ed article on Aug. 19 about Jewish ambivalence toward Black Lives Matter took issue with that group’s denunciation of Israel’s actions toward the Palestinians. A few others, some of which were already printed, disagreed with Oppenheimer’s premise: that Jewish communities today have lost their commitment to justice and service.

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The 'Seinfeld' campaign? Clinton-Trump 'has risen to epic levels of nothingness'

To the editor: Are the former Seinfeld writers working on the script for the current presidential campaign? You recall that Seinfeld was a “show about nothing,” and the current campaign has risen to epic levels of nothingness. (“It’s time to take the ‘Clinton’ out of the Clinton Foundation,” editorial, Aug.

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It's not silly for students to believe teacher tenure rules violate their rights

To the editor: Your editorial asserts that the state Supreme Court made the right call when it let the appellate court decision preserving teacher tenure laws stand. I strongly disagree and believe the plaintiff’s constitutional rights were and continue to be violated. (“Now that the Vergara case is over, let's reform teacher tenure laws,” editorial, Aug.

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Why we must separate the art from the artist

To the editor: Noah Berlatsky’s life would be impoverished were he unable to separate the art from the artist. Great artists, except for their grand achievements, are human in every other respect, abounding with imperfections and misdeeds. (“Should 'The Birth of a Nation' audiences care about Nate Parker allegations?” Opinion, Aug.

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Why did Mylan increase the price of an EpiPen? Because it could.

To the editor: Have you ever received a phone call from your daughter that starts with, “Mom, I can’t breathe?” I have, and it is beyond frightening. (“Another reason to hate Mylan, which jacked up the price of life-saving EpiPens: It's a tax dodger,” Aug.

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That 'your brain on drugs' PSA? It worked.

To the editor: Neuroscientist Dean Burnett is probably a very bright guy. Unfortunately, he has strayed from his area of expertise. (“Your brain on drugs is not a fried egg,” Opinion, Aug. 22)

The “this is your brain on drugs” public service announcement was created pro bono by a very creative team at a very creative Los Angeles-based ad agency, Keye/Donna/Pearlstein.

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