Grading City Hall: How is L.A.'s city controller doing so far?
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Lafayette, Chattanooga and Charleston shootings: It's the guns, stupid

To the editor: Another day, another mass shooting in America — the latest in a theater in Lafayette, La. Cue the predictable debate about movie theater security, metal detectors and armed guards. ("Lafayette shooting renews debate on movie theater security," July 25)

A couple of weeks ago, after a shooting in Tennessee, the shiny talking point was violent extremism. And a few weeks before that, the...

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Obama's immigration conundrum: Enforcing past administrations' policy failures

To the editor: Today's immigration policies are a carry-over from the Republican administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. ("Judge says immigrant families should be released from detention: What happens now?," July 26)

President Obama was in office when a bipartisan coalition in the Senate passed his immigration reforms in 2013.

But the do-nothing House, controlled by the...

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Learning from Pasadena on affordable housing

To the editor: If everyone in Los Angeles County read Gregory D. Morrow's article, more cities would be able to overcome neighborhood objections about density. Insular opinion is one of the biggest obstacles to affordable housing. ("How to make Los Angeles more affordable and more livable," op-ed, July 24)

Of interest might be the city of Pasadena's program. We at the Greater Pasadena Affordable Housing...

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Children and poverty: What about personal responsibility?

To the editor: Interestingly, every letter on kids struggling in San Bernardino talked about what government and society should do to address this problem. ("Children cut adrift by poverty in San Bernardino," Readers React, July 25)

Have we given up on expecting even the smallest measure of personal responsibility in this country? Society didn't make the parents of these children throw away their lives...

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Life in prison for picking up a baton? That's not justice.

To the editor: There is a telling contrast in two stories, printed side-by side on the front page of The Times on Friday, depicting not only questionable police tactics when dealing with women of color but also the way we mete out “justice.” ("At emotional hearing, LAPD officer gets 36 months in jail in assault caught on video," July 23, and "Homeless woman's case sharpens focus on justice system...

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Angels Flight might not survive 'modernization'

To the editor: This tiny railroad in downtown L.A. ran successfully for around half a century. It's the simplest line imaginable, with no car couplings, no locomotives and simply a cable connecting the two cars, which mostly compensate for each other's weight. ("L.A. business and cultural leaders want to see an Angels Flight plan," July 23)

But then, during the start-up after the long hiatus, things...

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