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Homeless on Thanksgiving and when the El Niño rains come

To the editor: I was deeply moved, inspired and saddened by Gary Blasi's Op-Ed article predicting death for some of Los Angeles' homeless population when the increasingly likely heavy rains come due to El Niño in the next few months. ("Preparing to declare a 'local emergency' could save L.A.'s homeless people when El Niño rains hit," Op-Ed, Nov.

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Why Fay Wells should no longer feel threatened by police

To the editor: I'm sorry for Fay Wells — who wrote in the Washington Post of having about 20 Santa Monica police officers show up, some with guns drawn, at her apartment after a neighbor incorrectly reported a burglary — that she feels unsafe. ("The police recording you need to hear after a black woman 'broke into' her own home," Nov. 20)

She should feel safe.

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Los Angeles' failure to zone

To the editor: The city of Los Angeles fails to update its community plans and fails to track its infrastructure needs. Then it uses those failures to excuse itself for failing to adhere to outdated plans or foresee problems. ("Hollywood debate is trial run for city growth fight," Nov. 23)

I was once told by an L.A.

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Pfizer-Allergen merger an example of why we need healthcare price controls

To the editor: Yes, the Pfizer-Allergen deal would increase drug prices even more with diminished competition. ("Pfizer and Allergan's $160-billion pharmaceutical merger puts new twist on tax-avoiding inversions," Nov.

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Donald Trump and waterboarding: We don't need a war criminal in the White House

To the editor: It is deeply troubling that a major candidate for president aspires to be a war criminal. ("Donald Trump calls for waterboarding to combat Islamic State," Nov. 22)

In 1942, my father was waterboarded at Shanghai's Bridge House, an infamous torture chamber.

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Make space for L.A.'s Christian history on the county seal

To the editor: In reference to the concern former L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says he felt as a child seeing City Hall lit up as a cross during the Christian feast of Nativity, I understand: The complexities of living in a multi-cultural, multi-religious society can be very confusing for children. ("Keep a cross off the L.A. County seal," Op-Ed, Nov.

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