Our experts score the debate: How Clinton beat Trump, round-by-round

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Fond farewells to fine gentlemen: Scully, Palmer, Osgood and Obama

To the editor: Let’s pause for a moment to say thanks and farewell to three men of uncommon class, dignity and grace.

Vin Scully and Charles Osgood have signed off for the last time, and in a few months our president, Barack Obama, will join them in retirement.

( “Such sweet music: Dodgers capture NL West and Scully wins hearts,” Sept.

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Finally, some positive coverage for Hillary Clinton

To the editor: I sincerely hope that The Times’ editorial endorsement of Hillary Clinton is not merely preaching to the choir. I trust that the fence-sitters and yet-to-be convinced voters will see, as the editorial states, that “Hillary Clinton is one of the best prepared candidates to seek the presidency in many years.”

( “An easy decision: Clinton for president,” Editorial, Sept.

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Is Cal class on Palestine an exercise in academia or politics?

To the editor: The UC Berkeley student-led class on Palestine, presented “through the lens of settler colonialism,” to me shows why universities have become a joke.

When I was in college, classes were taught by professors, presumably experts in their field. We felt cheated if a teaching assistant grad student was covering.

( “Class on Palestine reinstated,” Sept.

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Grateful for the 'genius' grant MacArthur fellows

To the editor: Thank you for publishing the pictures and some bios of California’s MacArthur fellows.

( “‘Cross-cultural guru,’” Sept. 22)

How fortunate we are that these brilliant young people choose to live and contribute their talents in our state.

Congratulations to all of the fellows and their families.

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Is the media doing a good job covering the campaign? Let the blame game begin

To the editor: Don’t forget to blame social media as well.

Clinton was buried by undeserved hate all spring and summer — and I was only reading the liberal posts.

( “Back story: ‘Believe me,’ his words have power. Or so ‘people say’,” Sept. 20 and “If Clinton loses, blame the media,” Opinion, Sept 21)

I hope she can prevail against her own party’s disgusting (and continuing) attacks.

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Do something about that early school start time, please

Ah, complaints about the clock. Heard that before? The Times published an opinion piece this week entitled “Why school should start later in the day,” which noted that even though medical guides “recommend shifting middle- and high-school start times to 8:30 a.m. or later … in California, the average start time was 8:07 a.m.”

Readers promptly schooled writer Lisa Lewis with their own parental guidance.

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