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Life in prison for picking up a baton? That's not justice.

To the editor: There is a telling contrast in two stories, printed side-by side on the front page of The Times on Friday, depicting not only questionable police tactics when dealing with women of color but also the way we mete out “justice.” ("At emotional hearing, LAPD officer gets 36 months in jail in assault caught on video," July 23, and "Homeless woman's case sharpens focus on justice system...

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Angels Flight might not survive 'modernization'

To the editor: This tiny railroad in downtown L.A. ran successfully for around half a century. It's the simplest line imaginable, with no car couplings, no locomotives and simply a cable connecting the two cars, which mostly compensate for each other's weight. ("L.A. business and cultural leaders want to see an Angels Flight plan," July 23)

But then, during the start-up after the long hiatus, things...

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The false choice between fixing roads and fixing the climate

To the editor: George Skelton would like Gov. Jerry Brown to bring his focus down from the “lofty” issue of climate change and get us working to improve our awful roads. But we absolutely must plan for the future even as we maintain our current way of life. ("California can't stop global warming alone, but it can fix its highways," July 22)

Climate change brings with it many challenges, not least of...

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Call 'undocumented' immigrants what they are: illegal immigrants

To the editor: On Wednesday, the national news about Jim Steinle's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his daughter's killing in San Francisco by a five-times-deported illegal immigrant felon was below the fold on page 4 of the California section; meanwhile, we endure innumerable front-page laments about the tearful complaints of so-called undocumented immigrants. ("Kathryn Steinle's...

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Don't put the freeze on charter schools

To the editor: As the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education takes on the challenge of finding a new superintendent, I hope it solicits input from the wide spectrum of students and families it serves. While I agree with Stanford education historian Diane Ravitch that our next schools' chief should go to the mat for small class sizes and arts education, a moratorium on new charter schools...

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Vietnam War vets are 'true heroes'

To the editor: It's not too often that something gets my “goat,” but the callous remarks made in a letter to the editor ending with the statement, “The true war heroes were those who refused to fight in the immoral Vietnam war,” did. The letter was insensitive and misinformed. ("Donald Trump, draft dodger, goes after John McCain, war hero," Readers React, July 20)

I will not question the feelings of...

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