U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations reach deal on massive trade accord

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Carping about carpool lanes

To the editor: Gov. Jerry Brown is wrong. (“No changing lanes for carpools,” Sept. 29)Carpool lanes should be open for general use during non-rush hour driving. I have driven solo in the freeway carpool lanes in Sacramento during non-rush hour traffic; it makes complete sense having an extra lane, for numerous reasons. I live in Orange County and use our freeway systems at nonpeak times.

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Is Los Angeles really 'Dodge City'?

To the editor: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck reacts to increasing violent crime by stating that Los Angeles is not Dodge City. (“19 shootings, a call for help,” Sept. 30)He is correct. Dodge City had Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. They rode horses, not in ridiculous little electric cars, which Mayor Eric Garcetti wants the Police Department to use downtown.

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Pull the plug on these blimps

To the editor: The Times investigative article beautifully illustrates the compelling need for independent and continuing exposure of government/corporate mischief of the type that seems to be continually plaguing our nation today.  (“$2.7 billion and ‘not operational'” Sept.

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Can the Olympics help the L.A. River?

To the editor: Los Angeles hasn't yet been granted the 2024 Olympics, and already we are worried that planners are not watching their step? (“Don't forget the river,” Opinion, Sept. 30) Well, we should be. Years ago, when I was on the board of FoLAR, the Los Angeles River was looked upon as a storm drain and efforts to revitalize it were laughed at.

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A choice on street vendors

To the editor: I'm an immigrant too, one who is working hard to support my family and our employees in our small restaurant. We have invested in our community, and we are here to stay. (“Shopkeepers not sold on legalizing street vending,” Sept.

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Ditched Dems aren't crying over Kim Davis switching parties

Last week, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, saying she “felt abandoned” by Democrats in her fight against same-sex marriage, decided to change her party affiliation. As she put it: “I've always been a Democrat, but the party left me.”“Really?” asked a number of Times readers, in some rather blunt responses.Here's a sampling of the short but spirited letters we received.

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