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Supporting Roy Moore marks a new moral low for the presidency

To the editor: Perhaps nothing is more despicable about this president than his unabashed endorsement of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama. (“In Alabama Senate race, Republicans fear they may lose even if Roy Moore wins,” Dec. 9)

This is a slap in the face to women across this country.

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Law-abiding gun carriers who cross state lines should not be treated like criminals

To the editor: Say I am a doctor, lawyer, professor or businessman living in Arizona, Nevada or Oregon, who is driving to California to visit my family and grandchildren for the holidays. I have never even received a parking ticket, but I have a permitted carry handgun in my car like I have every day in my home state.

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A neighborhood that burned in 1961 can come together again after another devastating fire

To the editor: The home on fire that was featured in a front-page photograph in Thursday’s print edition of the Los Angeles Times was my childhood home. (“During a week of flames, upscale Bel-Air homes burn as fire roars through canyon,” Dec. 7)

The property was the Berry family home, which produced the Jan and Dean rock music duo and other illustrious members of the Berry clan.

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How to address sexual harassment in politics: Elect more women

To the editor: In the wake of the avalanche of sexual harassment claims, there is one common denominator: men. Of course, this may be a function of who is in power. (“In an emotional speech on the Senate floor, Al Franken says he'll resign amid allegations of sexual misdeeds,” Dec.

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There is no such thing as a 'run-of-the-mill killing'

To the editor: Once again, The Times Editorial Board frets about the problem other states may have with the system of convicting someone of murder and punishing him, without attempting to provide any suggestions for improving those systems. (“The Supreme Court has the chance to end the death penalty. They should take it,” editorial, Dec.

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Seniors, roads and the environment need my $500 tax cut a lot more than I do

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg makes a good point about there being ideological differences underlying the way liberals and conservatives talk about government deficits, but his analysis doesn’t go far enough. (“Deficits matter, when the other guys are responsible,” Opinion, Dec.

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