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The Dept. of Insurance arrested the wrong Maria Hernandez. It owes her more than an apology.

To the editor: I squirmed at the end of your story about the erroneous arrest of Maria Hernandez for insurance fraud because it was missing the most important part: a satisfying outcome, or at least an explanation. (“A woman was wrongfully arrested and jailed as a fraud suspect. The reason? Her name,” Aug.

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Nothing shady about the deal on closing the San Onofre nuclear plant

To the editor: The Times failed to recognize key provisions of the San Onofre nuclear plant closure settlement and mischaracterized events leading to the agreement. (“A tainted settlement on San Onofre closing costs,” editorial, Aug. 17)

The settlement ensures customers are not paying for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ faulty steam generators from the time they failed.

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California law makes it impossible to address homelessness effectively

To the editor: You correctly identify the need to have our state’s emergency funds preserved for catastrophic disasters. It is inappropriate to drain emergency funds for social programs. (“Homelessness is an emergency — but not like an earthquake,” editorial, Aug.

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Churches can still speak out about politics

To the editor: I appreciate your editorial supporting the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits 501(c)s from endorsing political candidates. And I like your clarification that it does not prevent sermonizing about or discussing political issues; this should be sufficient argument against claims that the amendment violates free speech rights.

( “Are churches being muzzled,” Editorial, Aug.

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Is the "choo choo" worth saving?

To the editor: If Gov. Brown wants to really cut carbon dioxide, he should put high speed rail money into L.A.’s light rail.


( “It’s decision time for Brown,” Column, Aug. 18)

It cost a few billion dollars to build the Expo line extension to Santa Monica, and The Times has reported that Metro does not have enough cars to keep up with demand.

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Water, water: Everywhere new rules and new leaders

To the editor: I am completely dismayed that the State Water Resources Control Board would voluntarily relax conservation standards for water control.


( “Mandatory water cuts end for many,” Aug.

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