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California Assembly Democrats ask McCarthy, Pelosi for tax overhaul that is 'fair' to the state

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) (Gary Coronado/Los Angeles Times)
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) (Gary Coronado/Los Angeles Times)

Calling out a series of provisions they argue will unfairly target Californians, Assembly Democrats asked the state's congressional leaders Thursday not to "rush to pass legislation" overhauling federal tax policy.

"Better to give Californians legislation they can be thankful for than to rush to pass legislation by Thanksgiving," said the letter signed by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) and the entire Democratic caucus.

The letter to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Sacramento and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco comes as lawmakers on Capitol Hill consider moving the current proposal forward for a vote before the end of the month.

The state lawmakers highlighted six specific concerns with the bill now making its way through the House of Representatives. Those include eliminating the deduction for paying state and local taxes, capping deductions for property taxes and canceling the deduction for student loan debt. 

"While we often disagree on tax-related issues, we do agree that if Californians are going to be taxed, they deserve to benefit, not Texas or other states," wrote Rendon and his caucus. "And California has already been a 'donor state' — paying more in federal taxes than we get back — for far too long."

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown said the House Republican proposal "transfers income from individuals and families to large and powerful corporate structures." On Wednesday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) broke ranks with other Republicans in the state delegation by saying he didn't support the plan.

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