Ocean View Looking Into Butler’s Grades : Instructor Claims Discrepancy Occurs During Freshman Year

Times Staff Writer

Less than a month after Ocean View High School center Ricky Butler was declared ineligible for the 1984-85 basketball season, Butler’s grades are being investigated because of a possible discrepancy that occurred during his freshman year.

John Myers, Ocean View principal, is examining allegations that Butler, a Times All-County selection, received a failing grade that did not appear on his transcript after he transferred classes with three weeks remaining in the 18-week semester. Myers is reportedly investigating the possibility that Butler’s grades were tampered with.

It was only a month ago when Myers dismissed Jim Harris as Ocean View basketball coach, and announced the Seahawks would forfeit all their victories during the 1984-85 season. He also declared Butler and Desi Hazely--transfers from Lynwood--ineligible following a three-month investigation by Huntington Beach Union High School District officials into the ethics of the Seahawks’ program.

The investigation concluded that Harris had utilized “undue influence” to retain the two players at the school while they lived in his home in El Toro. Myers said Harris had waived his right to appeal the decision to the district’s athletic council and would make an appeal to the Southern Section office, the sanctioning body for high school sports in the area.


Butler did not live with Harris when the alleged grade discrepancy occurred.

Butler received a passing grade in his new class, reportedly a social studies class, but the instructor of the original class claimed she gave Butler an “F” grade, sources said. Butler’s teacher assumed he had received an “F,” but was surprised to learn that he had passed the class when she checked his transcripts last week. She notified district officials shortly thereafter.

The instructor, who met in a closed-door session with district officials, said Butler did not go through the proper procedures when he dropped the class and should have been given an “F.” Students from the Huntington Beach district are ineligible for sports unless they complete a 1.75 grade-point average (C-) in four classes. The district does not have a no “F” policy.

Myers, who declined to comment on the recent investigation, said, “The problem is that I haven’t finished looking into the matter. I can’t comment right now.”