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These are the major fires in California and their status as of Wednesday. Where losses are not listed, they are undetermined. Where causes are not listed, they remain under investigation.

UNCONTROLLED FIRES San Bernardino County, Pipe's Canyon, Morongo Valley. 1,500 acres. Structures threatened. Started Wednesday.

San Bernardino County, Jurupa Hills, north of Fontana. 100 acres. Started Wednesday.

San Diego County, Lakeside. 200 acres. Started Wednesday, 70% contained. Loss: some outbuildings.

Ventura County, Wheeler Springs and Ojai. 27,000-plus acres. Started Monday, 20% contained. Loss: 11 buildings. About 2,100 people evacuated.

Orange and Riverside counties, near Yorba Linda at California 91. 750 acres. Started Tuesday, 20% controlled Wednesday. Loss: two deaths after plane crashed into truck, starting fire; three firefighters slightly injured; one fire engine engulfed by flames. Cause: plane crash.

San Diego County, Camp Pendleton area. 15,000 acres. Started Tuesday, uncontrolled Wednesday, De Luz Canyon area evacuated. Loss: two houses, one nursery, several sheds. Cause: weapons firing on range.

San Luis Obispo County, near Santa Margarita Lake. 12,700 acres. Started Monday, partly contained before jumping lake Wednesday and flaring out of control. Loss: four homes, barn, cabin, vehicles valued at $800,000.

Monterey County, Arroyo Seco, west of Greenfield. 600 acres. Started Tuesday, 20% contained. Loss: one house, one shed. Cause: arson.

Tuolumne County, Yosemite National Park. 1,200 acres. Started Sunday, 50% contained Wednesday. Loss: hiking trails probably will be closed through the holiday weekend. Cause: unattended campfire.

Monterey County, 15 miles northeast of San Miguel. 2,000 acres. 40% contained. Cause: grain harvesting operation.

San Diego County, north of Escondido near Deer Springs Road at Interstate 15. 630 acres. Started Tuesday, 90% contained. Loss: seven homes, undetermined number of other buildings.

San Diego County, Gopher Canyon in Vista-Oceanside area. 1,400 acres. Started Monday, 90% contained. Loss: one home.

Riverside County, near Lake Elsinore on California 74. 60 acres. Started Tuesday, 90% contained.

CONTROLLED OR CONTAINED FIRES Los Angeles County, Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles. 15 acres. Started Tuesday, controlled Tuesday. Loss: three dead, at least 10 injured, 48 homes destroyed, 18 damaged, $16 million. 325 people evacuated. Cause: arson.

San Diego County, Normal Heights. 300 acres. Started Sunday, controlled Sunday. Loss: $8.6 million, 64 homes, more than 20 other buildings. Cause: arson.

Madera County, Sierra National Forest near North Fork. 540 acres. Started Tuesday, contained Wednesday.

Ventura-Los Angeles counties, Carlisle Canyon. 3,800 acres. Started Sunday, contained Wednesday. Loss: two storage trailers valued at $3,000, one mobile home.

San Mateo County, Palo Alto, south of San Francisco. 100 acres. Started Monday, controlled Monday. Loss: 10 homes, six other structures, $4 million. Cause: arson.

San Diego County, Mt. Miguel. 8,300 acres. Started Sunday, controlled Tuesday. Loss: three homes, several sheds, several vehicles, farm animals. Cause: illegal dumping.

Riverside County, near Palm Springs. 20,623 acres. Started Thursday, contained Wednesday. Loss: wildlife habitats, $1.7 million in firefighting costs.

Riverside County, near Lake Mathews. 473 acres. Started Tuesday, contained Tuesday.

Ventura County, near Santa Paula. 100 acres. Started Sunday, controlled Monday.

San Luis Obispo County, Pechy Canyon, west of Paso Robles. 54 acres. Started Monday, controlled Tuesday. Cause: burning debris.

Kern County, Sequoia National Forest. 9,330 acres. Started Friday, controlled Sunday. Loss: more than $640,000 in firefighting costs. Cause: sparks from power equipment being used in repair work.

Monterey County, Ft. Ord Army base. 500 acres. Started Monday, contained Tuesday. Cause: small arms practice.

Solano County, 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. 100 acres. Started Tuesday, contained Tuesday. Loss: cars and one shed in three junkyards.

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