STATISTICAL WATCH : Coach Numbers Stats Among Strong Points

No sport places more emphasis on statistics than baseball, and few Valley-area baseball coaches emphasize them more than Paul Heaney of Burroughs High. Most coaches regularly tabulate their players' batting and earned-run averages, but Heaney's collection of statistics would impress Dodger broadcaster Ross Porter.

After announcing that his team is hitting .313, has a .446 slugging percentage and has been successful on 16 of 20 stolen-base attempts, Heaney begins discussing scattergrams.

Scattergrams show where players hit the ball in each at-bat, and Heaney has revised the system to determine whether outs are "quality" or "wasted." Quality outs include line drives and hard ground balls; wasted outs are strikeouts and popups. Of Burroughs' 160 outs this season, 106, or 66%, were quality. Of the 54 wasted, 42 were strikeouts. . . . E.J. Pape of Burroughs has a 1.125 slugging percentage, which is determined by dividing total bases by official at-bats. Westlake's Matt Franco has a 1.095 slugging percentage.

Scoring: Taft allowed 14 runs against Canoga Park and 15 against Reseda last week. The Taft football team did not allow more than 13 points in any of its 10 games.

Batting: Two Simi Valley batters may break Tim Rapp's school home-run records this season. Junior Scott Sharts has tied his career record with 12 homers and is two short of Rapp's season record of eight. Senior Tim Laker has four home runs this season and 10 in his career. . . . In Canoga Park's two games last week, catcher Mike Urman was 3 for 3, including a triple and a home run, and reached base safely in all seven at-bats. . . . Heading into this week's games, Hart has eight players hitting better than .300 and has a .352 team batting average. . . . Saugus' starting lineup is batting .345. . . . San Fernando has a team batting average of .419. . . . Providence's Jeff Cirillo is 15 for 25 with 10 runs scored, 3 doubles, 2 home runs and 17 runs batted in.

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