Decision on Westlake Transfers Delayed

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Times Staff Writer

It might take two more weeks for a Westlake Village man to learn whether the Southern Section will grant athletic eligibility to a group of youth athletes from a disadvantaged neighborhood whom he has welcomed into his home.

Southern Section, City Section and Westlake High officials met Thursday with Buzz Holcomb to gather information before rendering a decision on whether Holcomb illegally recruited the teen-age boys from Pacoima. Southern Section Commissioner Stan Thomas said he will meet with the section’s executive committee and legal counsel before reaching a decision within the next two weeks.

“This is a unique situation and we’re going to make sure we’re right before we do anything,” Thomas said.


Holcomb, who said Thursday’s meeting went well, will meet today with Westlake attorneys James Armstrong and Alex Ross to discuss his options, which include seeking an injunction against the Southern Section.

The case involves Brian Brison and Mukasa Crowe, who will enroll at Westlake as ninth-graders this fall after leaving their Pacoima homes and moving in with Holcomb. The boys played on youth football and track teams with Holcomb’s son Erik, who will enroll in the ninth grade at Westlake.