It’s a Game, There’s No Rush


What’s your hurry?

Or 35 reasons why we don’t need a 35-second shot clock in boys’ high school basketball.

(Read quick, the clock is running).

1. Would you rather give Mater Dei the ball every half-minute or every half-hour?

2. Why slow things down? (Wednesday’s El Dorado-Cypress game had 53 possessions of less than 10 seconds).

3. More means less: The more talented teams would win more often by many more points. All of which makes games less enjoyable.

4. If you hold the ball long enough, Schea Cotton might transfer from the other team.

5. Kids could develop bad habits and rush through homework.

6. Prep sportswriters can’t write that fast (see below).

7. Prep sportswriters can’t think that fast (see above).

8. Capistrano Valley Coach Brian Mulligan wouldn’t be able to steal his father’s line about “Vomit Basketball.”


9. If you hold the ball long enough, Schea Cotton might transfer to your team.

10. Nike would like it.

11. Pep squads need at least 50 seconds to finish a cheer and another 10 for leg kicks.

12. Tustin 74, Chino Don Lugo 44. Boring. Boring. Boring.

13. Whittier Sierra 6, San Clemente 4. Dull? Sure, but a wonderful conversation piece.

14. Refs would have to cut down on Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos at halftime.

15. During games, teenagers would stress making more key decisions.

16. After games, coaches would stress yelling at kids for bad decisions.

17. One more thing for parents to gripe about.

18. More wear and tear on high-priced sneakers.

19. The girls use a clock. Ever see a Brea Olinda-Anaheim girls’ game?

20. What’s wrong with a 45-44 victory?

21. Annoying ticking sound might distract Mater Dei Coach Gary McKnight from his poignant sideline discussions with referees.

22. Those two-hour delays after shot clock malfunctions. Fans could get testy if snack bar runs out of Snickers and Shasta Cola.

23. Orange Coach Richard Bossenmeyer would have to install clock and replace the peach baskets.

24. There are some teams that should not be encouraged to shoot more from the outside.

25. Chris Burgess, Eric Chenowith, Allen Krist or 6 feet 9, 7-0, 6-9. Yeah, let’s give them more chances.

26. What’s next, a three-point line?

27. Some day, a kid might say, “Daddy, tell me again about the man-to-man defenses.”

28. Mater Dei would have to bring referees and clock guy to out-of-state tournaments.

29. San Francisco Balboa 156, San Francisco O’Connell 82. No team should score 82 points and lose. No team should score 156 points, period.

30. One more chore for cranky clock guy.

31. It would be hard to tell a high school game from a college game.

32. Extra buck on electricity bill could break some schools.

33. Students would actually have to pay attention to game or risk missing something. Social skills might diminish and gossip could taper off. Disaster at any school.


34. Those coaches who recruit would have to look for smarter point guards.

35. Four words: No talent, no rush.

Of course, there is a place for a special clock in high school sports. The National Anthem at the El Dorado-Cypress game took 1 minute 34 seconds last Wednesday.

We can get that under a minute-and-a-half easy.