Foreman Now Says the Weight Is Over

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It’s a good thing Vitali Klitschko cuts easily or we might be facing another comeback by George Foreman. The king of the indoor grill, 55, sounds as if he would like to fight again, but he’s smart enough to add one stipulation: He wants no part of Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson.

“I’ve told people for the last five or six years, that at 55, I’m coming back,” Foreman told the New York Post.

Foreman’s first career ended in 1977 when he lost a 12-round decision to Jimmy Young. Seventeen years later, he returned to the ring and, at 45, knocked out Michael Moorer to win the World Boxing Assn. and International Boxing Federation heavyweight titles.


The emphasis is on “heavyweight” now. Foreman says he wants to get down to 225 before his comeback and he’s “a lot over that.”

Trivia time: Who was the youngest man to win a world boxing title and how old was he?

Sore subject? Tiger Woods missed two months of golf while recovering from left knee surgery, then came back to win three of his first four tournaments. Since the knee apparently wasn’t a problem in February or March, it’s difficult to say it has been a factor in his recent struggles.

But ...

Few golfers work harder on the range than Woods, but after the U.S. Open he told the Sporting News, “I don’t hit balls for four or five hours like I used to. I’m not quite there yet. You have to look at the big picture and make sure everything is sound so you can go the long haul.”

Bash brothers: Trip Kuehne not only finished as the low amateur at the U.S. Open with a 10-over-par 290 and a tie for 57th, but he led the field in average driving distance at 325.6 yards. His brother, Hank, tops the PGA Tour in driving distance at 314.

(Sister Kelli is tied for 34th on the LPGA tour at 259.5).

Highbrow: Venus Williams told reporters at Wimbledon that she has moved on from reading Harry Potter.

“I might be a little old now,” she said. “I’m 23. I’ve got to really focus on things that are really going to enrich my life a little more.”


Sister Serena also said she no longer follows the adventures of J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard.

She ain’t heavy: Start pumping iron and get the wife on a strict diet.

The World Wife Carrying Championships -- a race in which each man is required to carry his better half 250 meters -- is scheduled for the Fourth of July weekend in Sonkajarvi, Finland.

Ouch! Keith Olbermann of MSNBC told David Barron of the Houston Chronicle that Lisa Guerrero’s hiring “is a complete repudiation of Monday Night Football’s traditions. [John] Madden and [Al] Michaels should quit, and [ABC Sports President George] Bodenheimer should be led away in handcuffs.”

Trivia answer: Wilfred Benitez won the junior welterweight title at 17 years and 3 months.

And finally: David Wells is not only pitching well this season, the notoriously mischievous Yankee pitcher is staying out of trouble

“Don’t tell anybody,” Wells told Newsday, “I’m like a fish hiding in the weeds.”