Superbug outbreaks tied to faulty scopes

Superbug outbreaks tied to faulty scopes
Dr. David Feinberg, president of the UCLA Health System, speaks at a news conference outside Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Westwood on Feb. 19. (Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

A number of U.S. hospitals have experienced bacterial outbreaks related to contaminated medical scopes, including at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Lawmaker calls for more scrutiny of scope maker after emails are disclosed

A U.S. lawmaker is calling on Congress to pass legislation to improve medical-device warnings in response to an article on how Olympus Corp. handled superbug outbreaks tied to dirty scopes.

Two more deaths may be linked to contaminated medical scopes

Two patients died and six more were sickened in a new outbreak suspected of being caused by contaminated medical scopes, according to a regulatory report by device manufacturer Olympus Corp.

Scope maker Olympus sought price hike amid superbug outbreak

Soon after doctors at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center traced deadly infections to tainted medical scopes last year, they pressed the device maker to lend

Olympus Corp. to pay $646 million to settle kickback charges

After Olympus Corp. paid to fly three doctors from a prominent California hospital to Japan for a weeklong vacation, one of the physicians thanked the company

Why it took years for the FDA to warn about infections tied to medical scopes

An outbreak at a Pennsylvania hospital in late 2012 should have been an early warning that a reusable medical scope was spreading deadly infections and nearly impossible to disinfect.

Hospitals failed to report outbreaks linked to tainted scopes, Senate report says

The superbug that raged through Bill Warner's body after a routine medical scope procedure in early 2013 was so dangerous that his family was warned about

Olympus to recall and redesign medical scope linked to superbug outbreaks

Olympus Corp. said Friday that it would voluntarily recall and redesign a troubled medical scope that has been linked to deadly patient infections around the

Dirty scopes needlessly infected scores of patients, investigation finds

Scores of hospital patients treated with medical scopes were infected with potentially deadly bacteria because of repeated failures by manufacturers, regulators

How a medical device maker kept U.S. hospitals in the dark about deadly infections

The hunt for a deadly superbug that sickened 22 patients at a Dutch hospital began just before noon on a spring day in 2012.

Another scope, similar infection worries

Long before the recent superbug outbreaks, Olympus Corp. drew national attention for a faulty device tied to patient infections.

Timeline of scope-related outbreaks

Recent events involving scope-related outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant superbug infections

Lawmaker asks SEC to investigate Olympus over failure to disclose outbreak report

A U.S. lawmaker is calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Olympus Corp. in response to a Times article showing the company's involvement in a 2012 superbug outbreak in the Netherlands.

FDA orders recall of 2,800 scope-washing machines, citing infection risk

Amid an ongoing investigation into superbug outbreaks nationwide, U.S. regulators have ordered a Pennsylvania company to recall its scope-cleaning machines used

FDA warns about infections from another type of medical scope

Federal regulators expanded their warnings about medical scopes spreading infections, issuing a new alert Thursday about contaminated bronchoscopes posing a

Scope maker Olympus investigates Pasadena infections, denies FDA violation

Medical scope maker Olympus Corp. said Thursday that it has reached out to a Pasadena hospital that suspects the company's devices spread a superbug infection

Another outbreak from tainted scopes suspected at an L.A.-area hospital

A Pasadena hospital is investigating a suspected outbreak related to the same type of medical scope tied to superbug infections across the country.

Superbug outbreaks: Device maker Olympus reports 14% jump in scope sales

Embattled device maker Olympus Corp. posted a 14% increase in sales of medical scopes worldwide despite health officials linking its instruments to superbug

Superbug outbreaks: FDA issues more scope-cleaning guidance to hospitals

In response to deadly superbug outbreaks, the Food and Drug Administration recommended extra steps that hospitals can take to clean medical scopes while work

Serious infections tied to medical scopes go far beyond issues with a single device

A doctor reported in December that a medical scope commonly used to examine patients' lungs had infected 14 people with a superbug that kills half its victims.

Statistic on safety of medical scopes 'inaccurate, outdated,' researchers say

For decades, doctors reassured patients about the safety of medical scopes with a single statistic.

Superbug outbreak: UCLA will test new scope-cleaning machine

Following a superbug outbreak involving three deaths, UCLA officials are planning to test a new scope-cleaning machine designed by a small Arizona company.

Justice Department investigates scope maker Olympus over superbug outbreaks

The Justice Department is investigating embattled scope maker Olympus Corp. and its role in recent superbug outbreaks at UCLA and other U.S. hospitals.

FDA targeted maker of scope-cleaning machines long before superbug outbreaks

Federal regulators halted manufacturing and sales at a Pennsylvania company in 2012 that made the scope-washing machines used at UCLA and two other hospitals

Hospitals step up search for best way to clean troubled scopes

Three months after deadly superbug outbreaks sparked alarm nationwide, U.S. hospitals are still searching for how best to clean a controversial medical scope

Dutch report details European superbug outbreak linked to faulty scopes

Dutch doctors' report is first account of European superbug outbreak linked to faulty scopes that sickened UCLA, Cedar-Sinai patients.

Federal panel calls medical scopes unsafe

A federal panel concluded Friday that the medical scopes linked to a deadly string of superbug outbreaks are unsafe as designed and urged the U.S. Food and Drug

Scope maker warned Europe about contamination 2 years before L.A. infections

Nearly two years before superbug outbreaks at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai, Olympus, the maker of TJF-Q180V scopes, warned hospitals in Europe about the risk of patient infections.

Superbug outbreaks: Seattle hospital accuses Olympus of hiding scope defects

A Seattle hospital hit by a superbug outbreak is teaming up with a patient's family and accusing Olympus Corp. of selling a defective medical scope prone to

U.S. lawmaker slams FDA response to superbug outbreaks

A federal lawmaker criticized the latest response from the nation's top health regulator on the recent superbug outbreaks and renewed his push for congressional

Olympus mounts defense over deadly outbreaks tied to medical scopes

Under fire for selling a medical scope linked to superbug outbreaks, Olympus Corp. is pushing back against its critics and says the design of its product isn't

Scope makers won't testify but say they are working with FDA on superbug

Olympus Corp. and two other manufacturers of medical scopes linked to a string of superbug outbreaks declined to speak Thursday at a Food and Drug

Medical scopes linked to superbug remain a risk

 Patients across the nation continue to face considerable risk from medical scopes linked to deadly bacterial outbreaks due to basic design flaws and a lack of

FDA reveals 142 cases of tainted scopes

Federal regulators shed more light on the potential harm to patients from a controversial medical scope, disclosing 142 reports of contaminated devices and

A veil of secrecy shields hospitals where outbreaks occur

The cardiac surgeon had unknowingly spread a staph infection from the rash on his hand to the hearts of at least five patients by the time Los Angeles County

Olympus scopes may have infected more patients, Seattle health agency says

More patients across the country may have been infected by medical scopes manufactured by Olympus Corp. than previously thought, health officials warned Monday.

Superbug outbreaks: Scope maker Pentax draws scrutiny from lawmaker

A federal lawmaker is seeking information from Pentax Medical, a manufacturer of medical scopes that have been linked to recent outbreaks of superbug

Lawmaker says it's 'unfair' for Olympus to profit from superbug outbreaks

A federal lawmaker said it's wrong for device-maker Olympus Corp. to profit from recent superbug outbreaks as hospitals buy more of the company's scopes in

New lawsuits filed against scope maker in deadly UCLA superbug outbreak

In response to the superbug outbreak at UCLA, the family of a 41-year-old patient who died in January has sued a medical device maker for wrongful death.

FDA to require proof that new devices can be cleaned reliably

The Food and Drug Administration, under fire for its slow response to superbug outbreaks from tainted medical scopes, said it will now require proof from

FDA faces more scrutiny in Congress over response to superbug outbreaks

Joining others in Congress, Sen. Patty Murray has called on the Food and Drug Administration to fully investigate medical scopes tied to recent superbug

Superbug outbreaks prompt calls for mandatory reporting

Well before the recent superbug outbreaks at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai hospitals, federal health officials had labeled deadly CRE bacteria an urgent threat.

Superbug outbreak extends to Cedars-Sinai hospital, linked to scope

In the latest superbug outbreak, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered that four patients were infected with deadly bacteria from a contaminated medical scope,

Federal lawmakers demand answers from FDA on superbug response

As more infections come to light from tainted scopes, several members of Congress are demanding answers from the Food and Drug Administration about what it knew

FDA says firms have twice failed to show scopes can be rid of superbugs

The Food and Drug Administration, already under fire for its response to superbug outbreaks at U.S. hospitals, has tried and failed twice to get medical scope

Scope maker Olympus faces scrutiny over patient deaths, infections

Three years ago, Japanese electronics giant Olympus Corp. was in crisis amid a massive accounting scandal and plunging sales of its signature cameras.

Cedars-Sinai probing whether superbug infections are tied to scopes

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center said it's investigating whether patients with superbug infections are linked to contaminated medical scopes, similar to a recent

UCLA outbreak: Family of 48-year-old who died sues scope maker

Following a superbug outbreak at UCLA, the family of a 48-year-old patient who died there has sued a medical device maker for wrongful death.

FDA official casts doubt on new method to clean scopes linked to infections

A senior Food and Drug Administration official voiced reservations about the new method UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center is using to clean medical scopes

UCLA superbug: Lawmaker asks Congress to investigate FDA response

Prompted by the UCLA superbug outbreak, a federal lawmaker is calling on Congress to investigate what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and device makers

Patient, 18, sues medical-scope maker tied to UCLA superbug outbreak

In the first lawsuit stemming from the superbug outbreak at UCLA, an 18-year-old patient accused a major healthcare device maker of negligence for selling a

Superbug: What it is, how it spreads, what you can do

CRE superbugs are becoming more widespread in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They can cause infections that are difficult -- or sometimes impossible

Hospitals grapple with safety of scopes after UCLA outbreak

Hospitals nationally are scrambling to figure out how to keep using a controversial medical device that benefits patients while avoiding another deadly

FDA knew of design flaw in scope linked to UCLA superbug

A commonly used medical scope linked to a deadly bacterial outbreak at UCLA may be so flawed it cannot be properly cleaned, federal officials conceded Thursday.

Superbug linked to 2 deaths at UCLA hospital; 179 potentially exposed

Nearly 180 patients at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center may have been exposed to potentially deadly bacteria from contaminated medical scopes, and two deaths

Patient's family cites earlier case of superbug at UCLA

UCLA hospital officials said they began investigating the possibility of a deadly bacterial outbreak in mid-December, but one patient's account suggests they

UCLA superbug: Maker of scopes in deadly outbreak under federal probe

The manufacturer of the medical scopes at the center of a deadly bacterial outbreak at UCLA Medical Center is under investigation by federal officials for

How safe is your hospital? A look at California ratings

Consumers might think twice about dining at a restaurant with a poor health grade posted in the window. And patient advocates say it shouldn't be any different

UCLA superbug outbreak: Why the medical scope used is hard to disinfect

Endoscopes implicated in superbug outbreak at UCLA Ronald Reagan are hard to disinfect, doctors say