Richard Madden’s fans are none too pleased about his Emmys snub

Richard Madden didn't score an Emmy nomination on Tuesday.
“Bodyguard” star Richard Madden didn’t score an Emmy nomination on Tuesday.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Fans of actor Richard Madden had been feverishly dreaming of a possible Emmy ceremony reunion with the “Bodyguard” star and his former “Game of Thrones” cast mates.

When the nominations were announced Tuesday morning, though, “Bodyguard” became the first BBC show in nearly 50 years to score a nod for drama series, but its star was snubbed. Release the memes!

As critic Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter pointed out in a tweet, it was odd to see the show nominated without Madden getting a nod when he was in almost every scene.

The actor, who won a Golden Globe for the role, is riding high on great reviews for his recent film, “Rocketman,” and was even named one of 2019’s 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine. But the Television Academy was not sufficiently influenced to bestow a nomination.

The reaction by critic Philiana Ng of Entertainment Tonight was in line with many fans, using the handsome actor’s own image to express their dismay.


Fans didn’t limit themselves to Madden-only memes, either.

Some even channeled their outrage through his former “Game of Thrones” cast mates.

While fans are waiting to see if “Bodyguard” claims the Emmy for drama series (the first BBC series to be nominated in the category since “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” in 1972), they can soothe themselves with his recent Envelope Emmy chat with the Los Angeles Times’ Mary McNamara.