‘2016: Obama’s America’ coming to DVD, group screenings this week

With a tightly contested presidential election less than a month away, the successful right-wing documentary “2016: Obama’s America” will begin playing outside of theaters at the earliest possible moment.

The producers of the movie, which grossed a surprisingly strong $33.3 million at the box office this summer (the fourth-highest amount ever for a documentary), announced the film will be offered on DVD on Tuesday. It became available for purchase and rent online in the past few days.

In addition, the filmmakers are making a special license available for groups, including churches, to screen the picture -- a clear effort to provide entertainment for conservative organizations looking to rally ahead of the election.

Major theater chains typically insist that filmmakers wait at least 90 days from the time their picture debuts on the big screen until it’s available to watch at home. The producers of “Obama’s America” took that literally, making the movie available to rent online 91 days after its July 13 theatrical premiere.


“We’ve heard from many people who want to watch the film and don’t have a theater close by,” said the film’s writer-director Dinesh D’Souza, despite the fact that “Obama’s America” played in 2,017 locations, essentially blanketing the nation. is charging only $9.99 to buy the DVD and $3.99 for a video-on-demand rental.

“2016: Obama’s America” was a box office sensation this summer. Distributed without the help of a Hollywood studio, it started off in just one theater and built primarily through word-of-mouth and grassroots marketing.



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