Letters to the Editor: How would far-left Democrats like being called ‘semi-socialist’?

President Biden speaks at the presidential lectern.
President Biden delivers a speech last week near Independence Hall in Philadelphia on threats to American democracy.
(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

To the editor: Columnist Robin Abcarian states that “MAGA Republicans do lean into semi-fascism.” (“Boohoo. Fascist MAGA Republicans are miffed at being called out by Biden,” Opinion, Sept. 4)

If so, does she have a problem with Democrats spending millions to support some of these MAGA “semi-fascist” candidates in a handful of primary races, leading to their winning over more moderate Republicans?

The scale of President Biden’s use of executive orders is unprecedented, and in such cases as forgiving student debt, unconstitutional. Is our country in danger under the Biden administration of now being “semi-socialist”?


Janet Polak, Beverly Hills


To the editor: MAGA Republicans are miffed.

As Abcarian points out, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) predicted riots if Trump is prosecuted for illegally removing documents from the White House. Then you have House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) griping about the unprecedented FBI search for former President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Of course the search was unprecedented, because we never had an ex-president who broke the law by illegally removing classified documents from the White House.

Robert Friedman, Palm Desert


To the editor: There is no such thing as a “MAGA Republican,” although I would guess that every Republican is a “Make America Great Again” Republican, particularly during the Biden years. This of course was a slogan popularized by Trump in the 2016 election.

Abcarian is unable to identify any part of the “Make America Great Again” agenda that is fascist in any respect, let alone “semi-fascist.” She points out what she called a “brilliant distinction” made by Biden in alleging two “species” of Republicans, mainstream and MAGA.


I doubt very much that any light can be found between mainstream Republicans and those Republicans who believe in the “Make America Great Again” agenda. Yet, she says Biden’s “semi-fascist” characterization is “unquestionably correct.”

What was that agenda, as implemented by Trump? America first. Huge tax cuts. Elimination of government regulations. Reshaping the federal judiciary. Tough new immigration restrictions. Building the border wall. Closer ties with Israel. Tit-for-tat trade disputes with China. And on, and on, and on.

Candidly, I doubt that Abcarian has any idea what Republicans of any stripe believe.

George A. Vandeman, Los Angeles


To the editor: Although I agree with the main points in Biden’s recent speech, when it comes to calling MAGA supporters “semi-fascist,” I disagree with his use of the qualifier “semi.”

Paul Burns, Granada Hills