Letters to the Editor: Two hottest days ever? The rogue fossil fuel industry is killing the planet

The San Antonio Fire spreads uphill west of Petaluma on June 30.
The San Antonio fire spreads uphill west of Petaluma on June 30. The planet’s two hottest days ever were recorded on July 3 and 4.
(Kent Porter / The Press Democrat / Associated Press)
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To the editor: How many more stories about climate-fueled heat waves, wildfires, droughts and floods must we read before we recognize the climate crisis for what it is — a moral wrong? (“Monday might have set a global record for hottest day ever. Then Tuesday broke it,” July 5)

Governments have allowed a rogue fossil fuel industry to devastate our lives, our livelihoods and the very future of human civilization. While heat waves created from their heat-trapping emissions kill thousands, the air pollution alone from burning these fuels kills more than 8 million people annually across the world.

Coal, oil and gas are not our only energy options. The world’s climate scientists have concluded that affordable clean energy, like solar and wind, is readily available to replace these dirty fuels. The only obstacles to a clean energy future, they say, are fossil fuel companies and their political allies.


Understanding the climate crisis as immoral adds urgency to climate action and clarifies the solution: Stop burning fossil fuels, and deploy clean energy as quickly as possible.

Caroline Taylor, Santa Barbara


To the editor: July 3 of this third year of the third decade of the third millennium was, unofficially, the hottest day in the recorded history of the world. Then July 4 probably beat it.

And the Northern Hemisphere summer has barely started. As has the third millennium — and with it the endless summer of a new hot and hotter Anthropocene Epoch?

Gregory Wright, Sherman Oaks